Saturday, March 02, 2013

look squirrel

Did you see “Up” by Pixar? I love that scene where the dogs are being easily distracted.

My web browsing has ruined my laser focus. Today it’s more like the scattered distorted light you see looking through an empty beer bottle. Back in engineering school my focus allowed me to tackle Fourier transforms and differential equations on a regular basis.

math doodles

The use it or lose it idea has validity.

I often have post ideas that morph into other ideas before I ever write them down. Ideas can be like dust bunnies running from your broom.

I was going to just post about a Budweiser Bob idiot who left his Glock magazine in the oven. His friend (girlfriend? hopefully no more) was preheating the oven and ended up getting bullet fragments removed at the ER. They should revoke his permit to carry a concealed weapon based on stupidity. (source story)

But one link lead to another and before I knew it I was facebooking, G plusing and youtubing. You know the experience - right? (ah hello, you’re still here are you not?)

Somewhere on my digital mouse path I found this clip. It’s a little long for a short attention span but it is very informative. It shows and explains our minds shortcomings with regard to attention and focus.

another circus 


tracismixedbag said...

I feel like because of my lack of focus, I web browse.

Somehow when I read that article of the exploding magazine. I found myself saying, "Of course this was in Tampa." Having never been to Tampa.

lisleman said...

I have been to Tampa and your thinking is good. There are exceptions but Tampa and other parts of Florida have an attraction for over exposed sun baked look-at-me non-thinking thrill-seekers.

Cheryl P. said...

I also read that article about the person keeping the magazine in the oven. CRAAZZZYYY!

I blame the increasing speed of technology as being responsible for diminishing our attention span or maybe just my patience. When I first got married in 1971 it took an hour to bake a potato. I was used to that and it didn't seem to bother me. In the mid 1970's I bought one of the first microwaves and it took like 12 minutes to do a potato. Seemed fast. Over the years...and lots of microwave ovens later...I now can do a baked potato in around 2-3 minutes and it seems like it is taking forever...because I am used to the frozen kind only taking a minute.

Just think, if you had to use dial up Internet now. We are used to getting things to our brain instantly or we have moved on mentally, and are thinking about something else.

Ducky said...

I've already forgotten what my comment was going to be. Bah!

lisleman said...

Since I don't bake too many potato I would not of thought of your example. I have done a few sweet potatoes in the microwave and really do like the quickness. You make an interesting point. I heard the problem being blamed on too much TV and video games. Reading takes more time and involvement that is lacking when the story is feed to you.

Is technology coming at us too fast? I still remember the book Future Shock I read (real paper book) about that problem back in the 70's.
thanks for the thoughtful comment.

lisleman said...

Another comment that didn't make it to Disqus. Ducky wrote:

"I've already forgotten what my comment was going to be. Bah!"
A perfect comment for this post IMHO

Secret Agent Woman said...

I blog and, with family and friends, FB but that's it. I really don't have time to do a lot of browsing around the web.

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