Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lisleman’s ideas are not this weird

Reactions to ideas can be very subjective.  Almost  400 years ago (1633), 10 cardinals in Rome decided that Galileo was a heretic for favoring the idea of the Earth traveling around the Sun.

My reaction to billionaire Dennis Tito’s idea is not as severe as those cardinals but I do think it’s dumb. He is seeking a married couple to fly to Mars on his dime. It would a year and a half of ultimate closeness in a 14x12 foot spacecraft. No landing, just a few spins around Mars and back.

The main reason I consider it dumb is my experience with spouses driving each other nuts. Somedays you need to leave the house and take a long walk by yourself.

What will happen if one spouse starts snoring after they leave the Earth’s gravity?

“Stop rearranging the spacecraft!” I could imagine myself shouting. 
“No, I’m not contacting mission control. I know where we are going.”

melting pinkish sand dunes with dark streaks of sand on Mars

So hey readers what do you think? You and your spouse up to something like this?

Mars would be wonderful to see up close, provided the windows are still clean by the time you got there.


Rebecca said...

No way, no how. It's hard enough for me to fly to Florida....I like my feet as close to land as possible.

I'm sure he will find several willing couples though.

Cheryl P. said...

I had to stamp down all the 4 letter words that jumped into my head before I shouted out #$%#*& NO! I adore my husband but spending 500 days in one room without leaving. No private outside influences and interactions with others. Hope Dennis Tito is throwing in the money for the divorce they will want upon coming back to earth.

lisleman said...

Fear of flying would be a problem. thanks

lisleman said...

Divorce fees included, I think would not be a selling point. If they were asked upon their return what they will be doing next, my money is on spending time alone. thanks

W.C.C. said...

It is not so much being in close quarters with my wife, but I have a hard time standing in line patiently at the supermarket for 5 minutes much less than 2.5 years! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

Are we there yet? They need very patient travelers for this trip. thanks

Bee said...

Would you hear another person's snoring in zero gravity? What I find particularly dumb about this idea is that you don't even get to land and walk around. So my husband would never get to answer my never-ceasing questions of, "Are we there yet?" ;-)

lisleman said...

Yes you could hear it. There is no sound in empty space because you need air for the sound to travel in but the spacecraft of course would have air. Zero gravity - no more scales but you would need to exercise because our muscles and bones don't do well in zero gravity.

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