Tuesday, February 05, 2013

maybe I’m amazed

Maybe I’m amazed at the way, youtube is entertaining all the time.

Regular readers and irregular readers (hopefully a minor irregularity and they are able to finish this post) know that Lisleman hits the youtube often. It’s physically impossible to watch every youtube clip published (72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute). Really, being top youtube watcher is not my goal but I do wish my clips would get more views.

Maybe I’m amazed that this song makes a great duet.

An amazing number of covers of “Maybe I’m Amazed” written by Paul McCarthy can be viewed on youtube. It’s a most fitting song for February’s Valentine's Day. Sir Paul has a youtube channel and back in 2011 they ran a cover contest with this song.

While I only listened to a small fraction of the entries (some have since been removed) I found the one winning the most “likes” to be very good. It’s an instrumental guitar only version.

If they had a humor category in the contest I think this one would have won. Funny and a good voice.

Maybe I’m amazed at the wonderful world around me.
Maybe I’m amazed at the comments I get from readers.
Maybe I’m amazed at the simple things that amaze me.
What makes you amazed?


Bee said...

I'm amazed that I married my husband after he broke my face. =P It really was an accident. We were playing catch in the park and I was chattering away instead of paying attention and the ball hit my eye. And yes, I needed surgery.

lisleman said...

wow now that might be a good story for a post if you have not already.

Cheryl P. said...

The duet with Dave Grohl and Norah Jones was great.

I am amazed at how much the 3rd video looked like Sarah Palin when the play button was covering part of her face. I would, also, be amazed that anyone wouldn't of winced when she hit the squeaky high note.

Bearman Cartoons said...

Is that last woman trying to be Sarah Palin?

lisleman said...

yes I think so.

lisleman said...

Maybe I was still laughing from the Obama mask and didn't notice how squeaky she was. thanks

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Maybe I'm amazed I actually listened to all three!

Seriously, this was a favorite song from the beginning of his Band on the Run days. I hated it when the Beatles broke up. They were then and continue to be my favorite all time rock 'n roll band. Their vision, their influence, their beautiful lyrics, powerful statements, awesome experimentation changed my teenage life and outlook on music. Most of my male friends were in bands and we sat around dissecting the artists of the day. First and foremost were the Beatles. So, when they split up, none of us thought they'd singularly surpass their togetherness. I don't think any of them ever did, in terms of the quantity and quality of their music, but they each went on and did great things in their own way. To have Paul McCartney "still standing" (thx Elton) and rockin' and the central act of the Summer 2012 Olympics at the tender age of 70, well, that says it all.

lisleman said...

I'm glad you still had the time to write a nice comment. We agree on the Beatles. Paul's success certainly looks amazing but he has been fortunate to outlive John and George. Comparisons are silly to do. Just enjoy the art. BTW - my favorite is Abbey Road. What about you?

longhollow said...

Thank you for posting these! It's one of my favorite songs and a good way to get into the Valentine's Day spirit! I'm amazed that, once again, I'm way behind on my blog reading. (It happens so often, I really shouldn't be amazed by it. Sigh.)

lisleman said...

thanks. It's a favorite song of mine. Blog reading is time consuming. I realize people have many priorities and limited time.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

idk. I have a special fondness for "Sgt Pepper" because, during my early teen years, that was an album we spent much time on and I was fortunate enough to hang with all my band playing guy friends. It is probably a toss up btwn "Pepper" and "Abbey Rd"...but then, I'll hear music from "Revolver" and think it's the greatest so, idk.

This is how I feel about really great bands. There is seldom one greatest album. Look at Steely Dan; it's impossible to choose. Stevie Wonder too, although most will say it's "Songs iin the Key of Life". I usually agree until I start listening to "Fulfilliingness First Finale" or "Innervisions" or "Talking Book". Yeah. It's impossible.

lisleman said...

songs emotions moods - they are all impossible to pin down precisely and subject to change. Band playing guy friends - that's sounds much more fun than the drinking-in-the-alley days I had. thanks

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