Thursday, January 17, 2013

fragments from the edge of my mind

If you are a drive-by clicker who has never read a post here before don’t judge the whole blog by this post. Not all my posts are this good.

Escalating on an escalator or plunging with your plunger - it doesn’t matter. Get yourself over to Mrs. 4444’s blog for some fine fragments after finishing up mine.

Mommy's Idea

Have you ever forgotten to remove your clothes before you step into the shower? 

I have never had that problem and I suspect most don’t. But have you gone downstairs wearing less than you needed or go outside with less than what the weather calls for? Many have had that experience. I sure have.  Is it logical then to conclude taking clothes off is more natural than putting them on?

hope this family can afford a lawn mower

Big things could be coming this year. We might sign a contract with General Motors.   Toyota might win the bidding.  Just don't know yet.

Buying a new car is always fun for the first few minutes.  A number of things must fall into place before this happens.  If you would like to send money to move it along let me know.

Things older couples do - reading newspaper articles out loud to each other. After one such incident our youngest adult daughter said, “after so many years of marriage you need a safeword to indicate ‘stop reading out loud I’m not interested’.”

Sydney heat wave joke; Australia is so hot, the dingo had to blow on my baby first.

“Lincoln” - the current movie with the British actor, Daniel Day-Lewis. 

We took in a matinee this week and both enjoyed it. My wife was so involved with the movie she quietly asked me to eat my popcorn during the loud parts. (I like think it’s because she was intently watching and not my horse chomping popcorn eating) Pay attention in this movie and you’ll learn that wheeling and dealing in politics is not new in Washington D.C.

We managed to see two of the oscar nominated movies so far. The other one, “Argo”, was also a great history based movie. One last comment on “Lincoln” - Tommy Lee Jones looked much much better in “Men In Black”.  Don't you think?

Oh one more thing. If you are reading this on Friday and it’s not too late in the day (Chicago time I have no idea of what time it is where you are at) my BIONIPT game is still open and you should jump in.


jnoragon said...

My doctor always wears street clothes. I was surprised one day to find her in a rumpled lab coat. She said she knew when she opened the door that morning she needed a sweater, but was too lazy to go back upstairs and get one. She was so cold she resurected the lab coat from the back of a closet at the office.

lisleman said...

I always have higher expectations for doctors. thanks

Life in a Small Town said...

Funny joke! Hardly a week goes by when we don't say, "the dingo ate my baby" in our best Aussie voice! :)
I'm hearing good things about Lincoln; I have NO idea what Argo is about. I'm really on top of things, huh?
Have a good weekend!

lisleman said...

Argo is about a true rescue of hostages from Iran back in the early 80's. I didn't even know we had successfully rescued any back then. have a good weekend and thanks for sharing a comment.

Cheryl said...

I did find it interesting that the movie portrayed how divisive Congress was even in the 1860's. You're right...nothing has changed.

I do think Tommy Lee Jones looked better in MIB. He is looking a bit rough. Still love him as an actor but thought he looked rough at the Golden Globes as well.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I wonder if anyone who isn't drunk or stoned would get in a shower with clothes on. That's just bizarre.

But I have many times gotten somewhere and wished I had a jacket or sweater. Often at restaurants which are kept chillier than I like.

Keetha Broyles said...

Chicago time is the same time as here, which is currently 4:04 pm, but since I have NO CLUE what that game even is, I won't be jumping in.

I will be leaving this comment though.

Bee said...

The thing is, younger couples (not that my husband and I are all that young) just exchange cell phones when they want their spouse to read the article. Or look at the funny Facebook pic. ;)

I still want to see Argo, but since it doesn't have huge explosions and fancy special effects, I feel like I can wait for it to come on cable.

Laurie Matherne said...

I will see good movies in the next five years or so. The truth is the silly films and the action films are usually shown here. Good dramas never make it.

lisleman said...

It's a shame that good dramas don't make it there. I wonder what impression those films give the people about Americans. Probably not good.

lisleman said...

The ending is very action packed. Waiting for cable release is not a bad idea. Exchanging smart phones to read an article - never thought of that but it makes sense. thanks

lisleman said...

I admit the logic behind my conclusion on this is not sound. I have an image of a movie or TV scene that had the character in the shower with their socks on. I don't remember what movie or show it was.

lisleman said...

(I don't know why Disqus does seem to work for everyone??) comment from Keetha -
Chicago time is the same time as here, which is currently 4:04 pm, but
since I have NO CLUE what that game even is, I won't be jumping in.

I will be leaving this comment though.

doreenmcgettigan said...

Hmmm, I have a hospice client who has Lou Gherigs disease. She is really hunched over and rides one of those scooters (very badly.) One day she asked me to help her get a shower and I helped her in with a depends on and her socks.
I did the very same thing with another client a few days later. I am much better with hand holding, blood pressures etc...
Buying a car is awful. I am SO glad my husband works at a dealership and I can just say I want one of those.

I still want to see Lincoln and Argo. We saw Silver Linings and 0 Dark 30. Both were excellent. I cannot remember the last time there were so many movies I wanted to see.
This weekend we 'have' to go to the car show which actually can be fun.
Have a great weekend!!

lisleman said...

I didn't know you worked hospice. That's a very important job. My mom was in it for a short while before she passed away. Looking back I think she probably would have benefited by getting that care even earlier. It's sad when the simple functions of daily life become such an effort.
Have fun at the car show.

Laurie Matherne said...

I think it's one of the worst things that the US exports: the movies and television programs that have loads of violence and explicit sex. It makes people believe that those images reflect everyone in US society. Some become enamored; some become haters of our decadence.

lisleman said...

I agree that it ruins our image. I suspect our rating system doesn't even apply in many places. The rating system doesn't work well if the parents don't care either. I consider the combination of sex and violence the worst. If a story has some sex at least present it as mutually wanted by both sides.

tracismixedbag said...

I've never jumped in the shower forgetting I had my clothes on but I have done it on purpose. I was felt really sick and sweaty at work, so I decided to drive home and as you can imagine on the freeway in my brand new car, I took one for the team (well my lap did) as the food poisoned loser. It was so bad I just jumped in the shower fully clothed. Shoes and everything. My car escaped with minimal need for cleanup.

We meant to go see all the Oscar nominated movies but we are getting so far behind. Hopefully next week, we'll get into see some of them.

lisleman said...

Hope you have time to see a few of the movies.
Your sick episode in the car sounds awful. I have a little different story but still involving a car. My wife's water broke when we were out for dinner. Small not very fancy place thank goodness. Anyway I told her that I was glad it was her older car we had that night.
thanks for sharing.

Mrs4444 said...

Funny you should mention showering; Mr.4444 and I just took one together. Don't get worked up--Steve and Milo were with us, too; we figured it would be easier (and warmer) than doing it out in the garage. (Plus, I wore a swimming suit.) It was a soapy success!

Loved your intro, as usual (no pressure). I laughed out loud.

Thanks for linking up, as well as for taking the time to visit others. Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

My first thought was oh no, TMI, but then I was glad for the additional info. Washing dogs in the winter is tricky. Thanks for mentioning the intro. I suppose many readers forget about that by the time they finish the fragments.

tettelestai said...

Good luck on the contract signing, when do you get final word? I love buying a new car but the car note ruins it for me. My hubby hates buying a new car, all the time :-( So we don't do it often.

Hubby just finished a biography of Washington, he seemed to be a good guy, but corruption and power plays existed from the beginning ;-)

lisleman said...

The possible car deal depends on other possible changes coming along. The big contract is the big note. Corruption and power unfortunately are part of being human. They have seen similar actions in apes too. Some things we never learn.

tettelestai said...

So true, sometimes I feel like we never will learn. If the new car rides on the contract, then bring on the contract!!!

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