Tuesday, November 27, 2012

random findings

Often it is not lost until we need it.  After time passes it can become both lost and forgotten.  Finding things can be surprising and a few findings get mentioned in the news.

I found the following findings in the news over the pass few months:

In Rhode Island, Newport police found an SUV on the rocks.  Price of gas is getting too high for many.

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper found that Justin Bieber doesn't know how to dress for a national award.  The significance of this was lost on Justin.

A nicer Canadian story -
An Air Canada flight to Sydney found a lost sailor in the Pacific ocean.

Heating and air conditioning installers found gold under the floor boards in a California home.  It sure does pay to hire honest workers.

another circus 


longhollow said...

Oh, Justin, Justin, Justin!!

Kathy said...

I'm a Justin fan and that just disappointed me.....wear a suit dude! Have you ever watched the Gold Rush show on Discovery I think..my hubby loves it and its painful how little gold they find! Happy Wednesday!

unknownmami said...

That's funny, I like my SUVs straight-up, not on the rocks.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I hope those homeowners gave the honest workers a cut of the gold.

And please tall me that Bieber picture is photoshopped.

lisleman said...

Sadly I don't believe it was photoshopped.

lisleman said...

SUVs straight-up - much easier to drive.

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