Sunday, October 21, 2012

I thought I heard somebody calling

in the dark I thought I heard somebody call.  
- Josh Ritter.

Here's a few more lines from his "To The Dogs Or Whoever":

don't pity the bullet
pity the man
they both found a place in the same sad plan
pull in like the barrel going over the falls
crying all the way down
I never asked to be involved

I enjoy words and words set to music with a touch of wordplay is the best.

This next one added an interesting visual to the story.

(minor update - first time I've embedded a clip from pinterest, when you click on it, my pinterest board will open and you can play it over there.  I didn't expect that)

Source: via lisleman on Pinterest

You see it's all related to Einstein Theory of Relativity where everything is relative to everything. You didn't know we were relatives I bet. I didn't either.

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Tami said...

Don't shoot me, but who is Josh Ritter?

lisleman said...

I just discovered his music a few years ago. I think I found him on a Starbucks free song card. I like his song writing and since he was on David Letterman I guess he is fairly popular. You can find his music and videos around the internet. I'm not too surprised you have not heard of him. Did you like either of the two songs?

Bearman Cartoons said...

Is he related to John?

lisleman said...

The actor? - I don't think so but really don't know

longhollow said...

Great lyrics! I studied genealogy, so I knew we were related somewhere way down the line, along with everyone else, but I'll forgive you for not claiming me before now. Just saw that circuit board artwork in the previous post... very cool! I'm glad someone is making good use of all of those!

lisleman said...

lyrics, genealogy, artwork - thanks for checking it all
Please add me to your will if you need anymore names.

Agnes Pages said...

I'd better make a cup of tea before I hit play.

lisleman said...

let me know what type of tea it goes with

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