Monday, October 08, 2012

and when I die

and when I’m gone
there will be one child born
in a world to carry on 
carry on 

Actually, I have a number of descendants to carry on.

Since most of the readers sharing their comments here are bloggers, I have question for you:
Have you given any thought to what happens with your blog after you die?

Now just because I asked this question does not mean I have a good answer.

I don't believe we can continue to blog after we die.  But that would be very cool.  Every story would be a ghost story.  Maybe you would rather call them angelic messages.

I do know of one blogger that has passed on.  I suspect there are probably thousands of dead bloggers.  A person's blog might be the least of a heir's problem in today's digital world.  How many digital services do you have accounts with?

After looking at the process outlined by Google for accessing a decreased person's gmail account, I'm going to leave a note about my passwords.  The problem with documenting passwords is security so I don't consider the post-it note the best way.

Archiving - I currently have over a 1100 posts and know some of the older ones have issues with pictures and links.  It's not that simple to save web pages as working web pages.  There is the WaybackMachine which is some help.  But when I checked they only had a small amount of my old posts.

Laura Nyro (1947-1997) wrote "And When I Die" and sold it to Peter, Paul and Mary for $5000 when she was 17.  The more popular version is the cover by  Blood Sweat and Tears (reached #2 on the billboard chart).

Since Laura Nyro wrote the song I thought I would include her version.

I can’t blog

another circus 


Lilly said...

Good question that. I am not sure. I sometimes feel odd as my late father wrote posts for my blog and sometimes they come up on the Link within widget at the bottom of posts - it makes me feel odd like he will forever exist on the internet. Imagine all the blogs that are just going to be left forever more floating around, lol. I think I better write all my passwords down too. Oh and you end up with tons on different things twitter, facebook, google etc. Are you on twitter? I might link to this post in my next one as its a good reminder to us all to do something about it.

jnoragon said...

Where do you keep all your passwords? Mine are on the wall, so don't break into my house!

lisleman said...

You do need to record them somewhere. A remember only a few of them if I use them regularly. They say not to reuse them for multiple accounts but we all that happens often. On the wall? You don't mean written on a wall do you? You would need to paint often then. I put mine on edible paper in case anyone breaks in unexpected.

lisleman said...

I sure hope you saved and printed out your dad's posts. Blogs leaving digital imprints forever is true and not true. That digital imprint might be somewhere on some backed-up memory but who will ever find it. For example broken web links - where is that page that was linked?
No I'm not on twitter. I still have not seen the need to join it. I think G+ is better for putting out small bits of stuff.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

I wanted to be your first commentator last night around 12M EST. I was juggling the Kindle Fire tablet while watching the Yankees lose to the Os. (yay!) Kindle Fire won't let me comment on DISQUS for reasons I've never figured out nor can they explain even tho' I've written them directly to complain. Hence, I dropped DISQUS tho' I miss the ability to respond directly to each commentator.

Anyway, I digress (as usual). Laura Nyro has been one of my all time favorites singer songwriters since high school. She was amazing and I have numerous albums and CDs by her. She is not for everyone. Like Joni Mitchell, her hits were big solid and mass appeal but her anthology is definitely an acquired taste. What I mean is, I love her anthems like "Save the Country" and "Poverty Train", her love songs like "Gonna Take a Miracle" and "Wedding Bell Blues". Some of her music takes listening, over and over, like "Beads of Sweat" with Duane Allman on lead guitar and "Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp" from the same album.

Here's a link to an unreleased live performance of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" I found while reviewing some YouTube vids.

I miss her so much.

Her voice still blows me away.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh my God. I want my gmail accounts to die with me. There is some very personal stuff in there. As for my blog - I started turning it into a hard copy through Blog2Print, but I kind of ran out of steam - I was less and less sure that was worth doing.

lisleman said...

thanks for all the sharing. I didn't know that kindle has problem with Disqus. I have seen the my blog on the I-pad and it appears to work OK on that platform. Curious if kindle has problems with other web stuff like youtube. I discovered her hit "Up on the Roof" (she didn't write that one) online and found out my wife had the LP "Christmas and the beads of sweat". It's sad that she didn't live longer. I really enjoyed "Beads of Sweat". Rain in the river - interesting phrase.

lisleman said...

I heard of blog2print but never tried it. Today I saved the web pages that come up when you click on the label/tag "memories". I very happy I started labeling the posts. Saving as a web page works ok. Well if you followed the link to the Gmail procedure you'll see it's not simple.

Bearman Cartoons said...

I have thought about it. My wife knows nothing about social media so I know some people post a final, I died post and just push it out a month at a time. Hopefully they don't forget to continue updating the date.

lisleman said...

Now that's crazy - I can just imagine forgetting to update the publish date. NO really I didn't die! You should just make sure she or someone has the passwords and then she could get help downloading/deleting or whatever from someone.

unknownmami said...

Hmmm, hadn't thought of it before. I'd say I don't really care, but I'd want my daughters to have access to it if they wanted it.

lisleman said...

Probably would be good to download copies of it or at least posts about family. thanks

longhollow said...

I confess I've pondered this before, but haven't really come up with a good solution. My family knows where to find the passwords for everything, so I guess I'll just let them worry about what to do with all of those accounts! As well as all of my digital photo files, scrapbooks, knick-knacks...

lisleman said...

If they can find the passwords then they should be able to get to all your digital work. thanks

unknownmami said...


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