Wednesday, September 19, 2012

you have heard about glass houses

But have you heard about the glass ledge atop a skyscraper?

This is not about throwing rocks. It’s more about walking out on the ledge. Looking straight down over 1300 ft. Here’s my view looking straight down (like my walking shoes).

Chicago’s Willis Tower (I’m finally getting used to its new name) now offers a glass box that allows you walk out from the side of the building. I guess it would be the same view as a window washer gets.

They told us that over a million visitors come to the skydeck each year so there’s the chance you may have experienced it yourself. My visit before yesterday's trip was many years ago. The building was still called the Sears Tower and the ledge (actually there are four) didn’t exist. In 2009 they added the four glass boxes. I didn’t mind waiting for a slower day but after I learned of them I told my wife that someday I wanted to go to the ledge (it’s a glass box structure so there was no chance of her giving me a push).  She enjoyed the views and went out on the ledge too.

Also new since I was on floor 103 is the Trump tower. In past posts I shared pictures of Trump tower but all the shots were from the ground looking up. Getting above the other skyscrapers is very different than the street view.

the single spire tall one near the center is Trump tower - the two spires on the left is John Hancock  

One last thing to point out. See the building below with the greenery on the roof. If you start looking you’ll see other buildings with greenery on top. Chicago once led the nation in green roofs (don’t know if they still do). They save energy, reduce the urban heat island effect, and reduce storm water runoff. I like the way they look but honestly you don’t notice them unless you are flying or up in another tall building. 


Secret Agentwoman said...

I'd definitely go into the glass box but I know I'd feel light-headed.

I wish more buildings did the green top thing.

Kathy said...

I have height issue......I think I would last seconds in that shots though!

Joanne said...

I couldn't be in the box, either. I think it's the glass floor.

lisleman said...

The first minute or so felt strange looking around. I was surprised how when I went back out in the second or third one, my mind already knew what to expect and it didn't seem strange anymore.

lisleman said...

I know many people do and I'm not willing to go on ladders and roofs like I once did. thanks for sharing

lisleman said...

I know many people do and I'm not willing to go on ladders and roofs like I once did. The structure and thickness of the glass was something that I looked at before stepping out. But you stand there wait for another person to come back in and see that it didn't bounce or crack. There was a confidence in numbers too. thanks for sharing.

savannah said...

i have to tell you, sugar, my knees buckled when i looked at the first picture! i had to move back on my chair! *sigh* i'll not be visiting that building when i'm next in chicago! xoxoxoxox

lisleman said...

Oh that's fine. There are plenty of great things to see on the ground too. No expert on the subject but a good portion of the population feel the same way about heights.
thanks for sharing

Mrs4444 said...

That's really cool. I hope to be able to visit the skydeck with Maren and my family this year.Great post.

lisleman said...

I hope you make it down here. It's one of many things to see in Chicago. Maren needs to see more than the airport. thanks

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