Monday, August 20, 2012

start this train

I’ve been listening to the John Mayer song, “Stop this Train” and realized maybe my train is on a dead end spur in some deserted industrial park. It seems to shake and rattle more than ever. Not sure what will get it rolling again.

My brother and I had a train set that took up one and half ping-pong tables (did you know a ping-pong table is a standard measurement in basements?). It was more fun when you could control the movement of your train.

I was in the first train car when I snapped this

There are times my train of thought is a trainwreck. 

Well before I derail this post, I’ll get back to that song.

According to the all-knowing wikipedia, John wrote this song during a time of, what he calls, "solitary refinement". He was in bed suffering from double kidney stones, and living in a hotel while finding a new residence. If so, those kidney stones generated interesting lyrics.

This young songwriter guitar player writes about things moving too fast (probably NOT referring to kidney stones) and being afraid of getting old because “I’m only good at being young”.
The line that had me rewinding and playing it over was:
Had a talk with my old man.

Said “Help me understand.”

He said, “Turn 68... you’ll renegotiate”

So hey conductor, can I renegotiate this ticket now?


jnoragon said...

Hmmmm. Could have been the last train to Clarksville. Great photo.

lisleman said...

Ha. It all started with Casey Jones. Clarksville was a good train song.

CiCi W said...

Not a John Mayer fan, but the photo is interesting.
Your train as a kid sounds huge. I bet you and your brother spent lots of time playing with the train and using your imaginations. My brother and I played sports in the back area of whatever house we lived in, learning to like sports that is still with us.

lisleman said...

Being little then it seems bigger in my memory. It had a little town in the center of track. It's in boxes now (I think - I need to ask my brother). What's your favorite sport?

unknownmami said...

"I'm only good at being young" is a great line and I'm sure one many can identify with.

Reena Walkling said...

Or even turn 60 and renegotiate!

lisleman said...

Yeah, I working on my negotiation skills right now.

lisleman said...

Agree - You probably have heard this before but the current twenty-something generation seems to holding on being youth with both hands.

Barbara Shallue said...

I love that line! I think it applies to 50!!

Kathy said...

I'm the opposite well actually I like what I know at 46 but want my body at 20!

lisleman said...

we gain wisdom and lose muscle tone.

lisleman said...

Maybe I could start a age renegotiation business.

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