Monday, August 27, 2012

Lisleman breaks news

Hey it’s better than breaking wind.

News or opinion, news or speculation, do we bother to discern the difference?

Here at the Lisleman news desk (ok it’s more like an old TV tray) you can depend on the news being biased and aged with a sprinkle of speculation.

I have a news theme today - drinking and politics (political ads will drive you to drink but that’s not news to anyone who has seen more than one)

Does our Congress need to be more fluid?

British Parliament operates 4 bars within their Parliament building. According to BBC (like ABC but British):
“The Houses of Parliament has the feel of a cruise ship, with different watering holes for its various passengers branching off the carpeted corridors." 

Two college seniors thought Congress should have beer parties and started a Political Action Committee (PAC) to buy beer for Congress. After learning this and seeing the many amateur PACs that have been created, I’m thinking of starting one myself. The Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PAC  plans to use the “Collegiate Approach to Deficit Reduction”. Here’s a list of some other odd super PACs.


If you are visiting city hall in Chandler AZ and get thirsty you’ll be reminded with “Don’t drink from the toilets” signs. Now if you were a British MP or benefited from that Slam Dunks PAC the restroom signs in Chandler might not help if you are too drunk to read. 

BTW - how many of you use TV trays? They remind me of my dad and his favorite seat in the house.


OneStonedCrow said...

Your breaking news reminded me of some breaking news from Arizona - apparently in that state pregnancy begins two weeks before conception - how cool is that - I wonder if it applies to men too?

Kathy said...

Congress doesn't know they head from their asses....maybe a drinking on the job would help!

Bearman Cartoons said...

Hey it’s better than breaking wind. I actually thought of the same line when I read your headline

lisleman said...

Hmm I'll take that as you are not running for office. I do think they should try working together more.

lisleman said...

great minds think alike?

lisleman said...

Oh that's a touchy politically charged topic. Having visited AZ more than once, I say it does get really hot there and the heat can effect your thinking. thanks

longhollow said...

Now this is the kind of news I like... trivial and funny :) And I happen to have a TV tray sitting beside me this very minute - I use them as extra work spaces!

lisleman said...

Good to know they are still in use. I have not used one since at my parents house which was many years ago. Good to hear you enjoyed the news.

TGL said...

Yer dog likes beer! It must be a college student.

GBandDB said...

Perhaps if congress drank, things would get accomplished?

lisleman said...

The beverage industry would benefit.

lisleman said...

Thanks, that's one of my grand-dogs. My daughter gave me that picture. Dogs are subject to embarrassing photo taking at times.

Pat Fortunato said...

I have a blog post about politicians and drinking, I'll Drink To That, that you might enjoy.

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