Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A tall drink of

(this is a reposting from 2010)

As we started to pull away, still arranging our fresh Starbucks purchase, my wife says,
"She is a tall drink of water."

I knew who she was referring to but didn't recall ever hearing that phrase. A short distance from us walked a slender tall young lady who had just finished giving her little dog a nature break. I responded,
"What did you say?"

She went on to explain the phrase and was somewhat surprised I was ignorant of this idiom. I told her that my former co-worker and fellow biz traveler had a much more direct blunt phrase to describe any eye candy in the area. He would turn to me and remark:
"I bet she looks great naked."

Later that afternoon, we were together with the kids and their spouses. I took a little survey. A few of them had heard it before.

I looked around the net and found that the phrase is used for both men and women. I suspect not directly. I don't think it would work for a pick-up line.

I might have been a tall drink at one time but today the phrase "barrel of water" would be accurate.

Apparently the Rascal Flatts song writer knows the phrase.  The first line of their song "Dry County Girl" is:
A tall drink of water in a cotton dress

I discovered that song when I was doing some searching on this idiom.  To be honest I had never heard the song and at first glance thought it read "Country" not "County".  I don't think we have any dry counties in Illinois but I have been in a few in the south.  I like beer too much to live in a county with liquor laws like that.

So answer my survey in the comments.
Have you heard and/or used this idiom?

Here's the song:

another circus 


Kathy said...

I've heard it before....not sure where or who from!

bearman said...

Heard it from time I was a kid

Ducky said...

Yep...its pretty common around these here parts. :O)

Joanne said...

I must confess I heard it last in 1988, when my dentist told me about his wife. I think it's a good descriptor.

CiCi W said...

At my age I don't remember if I heard it before or not, but I like it now. One day at the library I watched my then husband watch a tall, attractive woman walk across the lobby of the library and I could understand the reason. Now I know I would have said "She is a tall drink of water".

Barbara Shallue said...

I have heard the phrase - I'm not sure where, but it sounds like something out of an old 40's movie. Thanks for posting this song - love it! "She's Joan of Arkansas..."

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've heard it but don't use it. I also don't publicly speculate on how people look naked - I figure if I have a need to know, I'll find out soon enough.

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