Monday, June 04, 2012

pieces of the past

Family road trips (remember “see the USA in a Chevrolet”?)

Dad preferred Fords or Oldsmobiles. We made a few road trips. The Smoky Mountains trip was one of the longer ones.

By family car - that's how I first remember my first national park, The Smoky Mountains. Flying to a family vacation destination was uncommon back then. Even the Beverly Hillbillies traveled across the country by car. 

A top wish was a motel with a pool. This might be more common now or it could be that I stay at better places. Now it’s rare that I even try out the pool.

This strange pool side picture comes from OneStonedCrow's blog.  His blog presents photo essays of Namibian scenes and travels.

that skinny legged guy has a great tan

Another past piece 

I sure want a piece of the future. I believe the future is long with plenty of pieces to offer everyone. As now goes into past we can only try to remember it. Noticing it and writing it down helps. Blogging offers a place to record and share your past pieces.

Another great sharing technique is story telling.  Here’s a quick story my brother shared with me.

My brother told me recently how he managed to get back at our dad who would rant about our teenaged phone calls. Dad often harped on about his rule that phone calls never needed to be longer than 3 minutes. (for young readers I must point out in his defense that billing was done by the minute back then)

Once after dad had been granted Grandfather status a few times over, he called my brother and started talking. My brother started timing. At the 3 minute mark my brother just hung up the phone. It was a mid-sentence point for our dad. Dad quickly dialed back. “Why did you hang up on me?” 

My brother told him, "You were over your 3 minutes."

No I'm not wearing the red hat!  I'm holding the bat.

Big brothers have more guts, I guess.

another circus 


OneStonedCrow said...

Hehe @ your Brother ...

... yeah, I remember family road trips - seven kids and two adults crushed into a small Consul (being the eldest I always claimed a window seat) ... we used to play cricket with oncoming Volkswagen Beetles - there were a lot of them on the road those days ...

Bearmancartoons said...

You know you moved up in the world when the door to the hotel was on the INSIDE.

Joanne said...

Dads and phones:  if someone called me and asked "Is Joanne there?" dad would reply "Yes" and hang up.

lisleman said...

 Yes that is a good indicator.

lisleman said...

 Well I guess he answer their question.  LOL - thanks

lisleman said...

 thanks again for the pic
"cricket" - you don't call it chicken down there?

Shrinky said...

Talk about Payback (teehee)!  Our trips usually involved steam trains (yikes, now I really do feel old).. and as for the phone, I just had to hover near it for my mum to screech those immortal words, "I'm expecting a phone-call!" (which strangely rarely came).

lisleman said...

 Steam train trips - sounds sorta a little exotic like the Orient Express.

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