Tuesday, May 01, 2012

pillow talk tuesday

(an updated pillow talk post)

I may be soft in the middle but don’t assume I like pillows much. 

I use pillows to rest body parts on. Typically my head. I’ve tucked one behind my shoulder or lower back before. What I don’t understand is why decorative pillows exist that are not meant to be used. That was the topic of an older post. 

Anyone interested in starting a pillow-challenged support group?  It would fit in well with my clueless couch people meeting.

The original post is coming up shortly. Here are excerpts from the comment section of that older post:
  1. I need for my pillows not to be touched, but my family doesn't listen. In fact, I am missing a couch pillow and it's driving me insane. 
  2. If you come to my home, you can certainly use my pillows however you wish. I guess. wait, let me move that designer one from the couch before you sit down. 
  3. I only have pillows I use - ones on the couch, for instance, to lean against or to take a nap on the couch. 
  4. I love the softness and the accent pillows give to furniture. 
  5. We just like thing pretty and fluffy!
  6. I might face some serious repercussions for this since it is obviously a well kept secret, but the truth is that whenever we get the chance and are left alone we have pillow fights.
  7. I love the way changing pillows can completely change the look of a room.
  8. Throwing a blanket over the whole mess is easier.
  9. Yeah, I agree, there are too many pillows around - doing nothing ... I've just got one that I carry around like a teddy.
  10. My husband is the pillow man. He sleeps with a minimum of 3 usually 4. He loves lots of decorative pillows on the bed, the couches, etc.
  11. I am very specific about my pillows.

(still want more pillow talk?  Here's the repost)

Pssst - slide on over here I have a question?

Pillows and women - what’s the connection?

I don’t get it. I never took decorating 101 but I imagine there must be a lesson on pillows. I suspect most of the pillows purchased don’t even get used much. Well in my sense of the word “used” which means some part of your body presses against the pillow.

“Don’t sit on that pillow you’ll ruin it!”

Ruin it? What does it have some destiny to be used by a future goddess eating grapes? Are we saving it for our heirs?

Is the function of a pillow just appearance?

Oh I look so soft, fluffy and warm BUT you can’t touch me. I’m just here to tease you.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled a good amount over my years. Never once did I pack a pillow or even thought of bringing a pillow. I like to sleep with a pillow but I’m not attached emotionally to my pillow. Seriously you want my pillow I’ll send it to you for the cost of shipping and handling.

My wife, now that’s a different story. She has brought her pillow along many times. Reminds me of a kid with a constant companion teddy bear.

But I must say my wife is NOT into pillows as much as our one daughter.

I stayed at our daughter house one night recently by myself. I had to dig through pillows to find the bed. Why do women (very certain her husband has nothing to do with it) bury their beds in pillows? Is there any practical reason? Maybe it helps them find the bed.

Luxury hotels - Here you will find more evidence that pillows have higher function than just a place to rest a head. I’m certain you can correlate the room rate with the pillow count. (note to self - next check-in ask if I can get a discount for taking a low pillow count room)

For more research on this and other decorating dilemmas check out the blog Catalog Living. (the two pics in this post were taken from there and they apparently took them from a catalog)

If this pillow mystery get answered quickly in the comment section then maybe we could move on to my next burning question - candles and women.

(warning or tip - what? Well depending on your views the following info might be warning or a tip/suggestion. While researching this pillow topic (what you don’t research?) I came across a web site named pillowtalktoys net. Lets just said I didn’t see any pillow products but they sell some humorous stuff.)


Secret Agent Woman said...

I only have pillows I use, but I think they are useful to have around on chairs and couches.  But only ones that are comfortable.

lisleman said...

 Hey you should claim your comment excerpt from the list.  I think it was number 3.

SparkleFarkle said...

After Momsy invested in a second husband, I pretty much had to fend for myself. I'm not complaining though. I thought I was pretty good at it! I got a job my freshman year of high school and either made or bought my own clothes. The other kids who took the the clothing part of what parents are suppose to provide ("food, shelter and clothing") for granted, were none the wiser. But my mother was pillow-weird besides. The only time she bought me any articles of clothing, was when she'd come home with a cute two-sizes-too-small t-shirt for me. "I know it will never fit you, but isn't it adorable? If nothing else, you can stuff it and make a pillow out of it."

It's never ending, I tell ya. Last year, I got another two-sizes-too-small, not-my-style, pictured t-shirt, complete with verbal instructions.

And, yep, you're right: if I ever did like pillows, I grew to hate them rather early in life.

Frau said...

My daughter always brings her pillow when we travel I think it's silly but every trip I complain about the pillows! Maybe she is smarter than I think! 

Jennifer Richardson said...

pillows.....this is a funny ponder.
yep,  come to think of it I'm kind of (very)
opinionated about the things.
I never knew:)
thanks for the chuckle
and the revelation,Jennifer

lisleman said...

 Cool I helped someone discover something about themselves.

lisleman said...

 smarter - I don't know if that has much to do with it.  I will say pillow love is a common thing.

lisleman said...

 pillow-weird - that's new description for me.  Do you have the "Jesus is my homeboy" pillow?  I think it would go for big bucks on e-bay.  Who wouldn't want that?  Well I wouldn't but that's just me.

Pearl said...

I may actually be missing the pillow-acquisition gene...  (Love the line about you possibly saving your pillows for your heirs!!)


lisleman said...

 thanks - There must be genes for everything.  I used to have Levi jeans but now I have Lee.  You know I might just put a pillow in my will for my least liked nephew.

SparkleFarkle said...

No big bucks to be had. Alas, I have the "Jesus Take the Wheel" pillow...

Barbara said...

The busier my life gets, the less likely the chances that my decorative pillows every move from the floor to the bed...

lisleman said...

 If they are on the floor I hope you don't trip on them.

Bearmancartoons said...

About once every 2-3 years my wife tires of the couch pillows and wants to liven things up with new ones.  I always complain b/c it takes me 2 years to make them comfortable.

lisleman said...

 that's good point - often the pillows are a little too stiff if you don't use them.  Also the decorative ones can be made of scratchy material.

Me and the Mexican said...

I'm with you!  I don't get all the pillows! I'm not a good decorator either!  I like simple, clean and functional.  Pillows just seem too fru-fru sometimes!  I think some (like 3) decorative pillows compliment a bed nicely, other than that.... I want pillows to sleep with!  

CiCi Winningham said...

Decorative pillows add to the ambience. They help decorate a room or a space that otherwise would be plain. And most times they can be used as a head rest or arm rest on a couch. I have lots of pillows on my bed, and the only reason they are there is they make me happy, I like to see them. 

lisleman said...

 It's good to hear both sides.  Maybe it's not a gender thing at all.  This pillow talk makes for good comments.

lisleman said...

 I like hearing both sides of this.  Since you can't possible use all those  pillows would it not be better to just get stuff animals instead?  You could make the room look like a zoo or safari.

CiCi Winningham said...

I did a wild animal room once. One wall had a life size mama giraffe painted on it by an artist friend, and the mama was licking the head of baby giraffe. A herd of zebra with a young zebra in the group on another wall. A female tiger lurking behind a bush on another.

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