Thursday, March 01, 2012

fandango friday

Do you have your castanets? 

Nowadays I mostly prefer to watch but either way you can do the fandango on Fridays with Mrs. 4444’s collection of fragments. Here is my dance card post.

Certain words just sound good to my ears, such as fandango. Years ago, my travels included Durango Colorado. I didn’t stay long enough to find out if they do the fandango in Durango?

Mommy's Idea

Words exist for me to misspell. This past week I wrote in an email, “I hope I'm not being a nuance.” 

Clever subtleties in my writing would be a good thing I believe. NO, I was expressing my fear of becoming a nuisance. Being close in spelling doesn’t cut it.

My wife made me some soup for slackers. Actually, you can add ‘slackers’ on to anything she makes me since I am one.

Have you reached that age when you finally accept certain goals or desires will NOT be reached? I have many times. 
  • I was still in my twenties when I accepted that I was not going to be James Bond and wrestle with a girl named Pussy Galore. 
  • Now as I’m gaining speed downhill I accept my fate never to be a Zamboni driver.

Hey dude. Would I sound younger if I used “dude” and “like” in my conversations? Sprinkling “like” between my words would grate my ears but increased “dude” usage would be easy. The problem is just as I get my dude usage up it would be outdated. Snap, you will go nuts following trends.

NOTE: This comment has been flagged as spam. 
“You have a great sense of writing I must say. Your post has those facts which are not accessible from anywhere else. I request you humbly please keep writing such remarkable articles” 
The spam detection works on DISQUS and I’m sure this was spam but I enjoy a well written compliment even if it’s bullshit.

RIP - The week my generation lost our Justin Bieber. Davy Jones of the Monkees died at the age of 66. Many called him the cute one. Here’s column written back in 1994 by Mary Schmich who went to a promo to get his autograph. 

(proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare)


Mrs4444 said...

That photo is priceless, Bill. Just priceless. You don't look like a slacker on the dance floor.haha

I'm sure there are many nuances to being a perfect nuisance. Perhaps your wife can tell us more about that?

Loved the SPAM comment. I love how they work so hard at it. Too funny.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for linking up.

Profwaynewsmith said...

Who didn't want to be a Zamboni driver?  Pussy Galore was nice and all but compared to driving a Zamboni?  Pshaw!

Laurie Matherne said...

That photograph! Are you out of your mind? James Bond type people would never publish that photograph. 

Bearmancartoons said...

I saw an auction whre they let someone drive the zamboni.  You should have faith.

lisleman said...

 more of a hacker on the dance floor - it's not contest anymore just fun.  The perfect nuisance - don't go there but nuisance nuances could be my next book title.  thanks

lisleman said...

 zamboni vs. sexy woman ?  Eventually the woman turns into an ice machine.  too harsh?  well both require maintenance.

lisleman said...

 what?  it doesn't emanate the charm cunning confidence I have in my self image?

lisleman said...

 auction implies necessary cash.  how about sponsoring a zamboni contest?  thanks

Keetha said...

Your post gave me multiple chuckles and giggles - a very good thing on a Friday morning!

lisleman said...

 mission accomplished - I love to spread a laugh.  thanks

tettelestai said...

I love the Monkees and I am not of that generation :-)  Dad would dance around the living room with us on Saturday mornings and Monkees/Beach Boys still make me smile.

I used to get those 'compliment' spam comments more in my WP blog.  I miss the crazy, going nowhere comments.  I published a few just to amuse myself ;-)

lisleman said...

 There has been great music for a long long time and I find some of the new stuff good too.  Actually having kids is a great way to hear new music (need to down them out at times).  Good to hear you have a sense of humor about the spam.  BTW would you like to help me claim some money in this African country....

tracismixedbag said...

The nuance thing made me LOL, I love when they are obvious so it makes it a little funny.

Lord have mercy, I love that you admitted wanting to wrestle a girl named Pussy Galore.

So sad about Davy Jones.

fandango is a cool word and so are you. Not a cool word, but just cool.

lisleman said...

 thanks, I know all my friends who watched 007 would have admitted to that same desire.  Thanks for the cool comment.

tettelestai said...

My cousin asked me this week if I wanted to join him in getting money from a Great Britain bank that was giving it away.  We just laughed about that!!

Secret Agent Woman said...

The thing I like about complimentary spammers is that they never actually say anything specific about your post.

lisleman said...

 Yes.  I think the horoscope sayings are written in that same general way.

unknownmami said...

You have a great sense of writing and this is not SPAM. 

lisleman said...

 you have a great sense of humor and know how to write it.  thanks

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