Saturday, December 10, 2011

on the tenth day

Agr8Lord eHarmony Profile: 
Currently the tenth member of dance group with nine other Lords. Ten Lords a Leaping had too many copyright issues so we call ourselves,

Ten Tight Taunting Lords 

Think River Dance but more sophisticated and better costumes. I am emotionally secure and free spirited. Looking for a woman that loves to dance, and is sensual, spiritual, attractive, professional. Prefer size 5 shoe. While I don’t sing, I can appreciate a woman’s beautiful voice. 

Come and sing for me and make me leap for you. Drama queens need not apply. Please visit the Ten Tight Taunting Lords website, you’ll be able to pick me out. 

If interested please contact me ( and you might get tickets to my next performance. Most of our bookings occur over the holiday season. Check me out you have little to lose. I have a few professional autograph photo left for sale.

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OneStonedCrow said...

Uhm ... can I exchange this gift for just ONE Milking Maid?

lisleman said...

yeah I think I understand.  The whole modern dance or ballet thing never appealed to me either.  I do respect the training that goes into it but I would rather be entertained by music and singing.  Hey thanks for sharing your comments on these days of posts.  I'm just about back to being able to spend time online visiting blogs and will be browsing over to yours soon.

Frau said...

If only all lords a dancing look like Edward...sadly the visual helped but I know better...all the online profiles are slightly altered! Hell if I had to do Eharmony I certainly would use a picture from 10 years ago and not mention I if I was a lord a dancing I'd leave out the tights are a part of my work uniform!! Have great weekend! 

lisleman said...

Don't you think many of these profiles are works of fiction?
thanks for browsing by.

Pseudo said...

You should put a video up....for those of us too far away to come and hear you.

lisleman said...

that would reveal the truth and we can't have that on the internet.

Blogdramedy said...

All hail Lord Foot Fetish. I bet you get a bag full of emails from this one. :-)

lisleman said...

really - from women or men - or both?  Lord Foot Fetish - that's one I could steal.

Mrs4444 said...

That photo makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Ew.

lisleman said...

With all the appeal of this twilight stuff (my limited knowledge comes from ads, articles, blogs) I thought that would be a great pic to throw up with a fake personal from a dancing Lord.  Didn't think it would make anyone throw-up.  sorry - thanks

Mrs4444 said...

Silly. That's just me; I'm sure there are many, many women who would swoon over him :)

Bitter said...

He makes me throw up too! But lisleman this was funny and it reminded me of my computer science teacher who used this site.

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