Monday, September 19, 2011

timely posting

Being at the right time and place can be beneficial in a variety of ways. 

Time and time again I wonder what will happen next time.

My last time related post was “do you have the time”. Maybe you didn’t have the time and I did back then. 

Someone always has the time but who has the time to figure out who? 

How about that test of time? 

Are there any study guides for it? 

If you fail it, you don’t get to retry.

In general we all want more time but when “your time has come” we become very sad or even scared about it. Maybe wanting time is better than having time on your hands. 

I have heard some people have a better time than others. That makes sense since there are good times and bad times. 

I’m convinced that only the good time slips away. Bad times are often called hard times so that could be why that type of time doesn’t slip away or flow along easily. 

Did you lose track of time? 

I bet you didn’t even realise you were in charge of tracking it. Don’t worry no one is timing you. 

Thanks for making time for my post (hey if you bought some time - how much did you pay for it?). Please tell me how you made the time since it’s precious stuff (the good time is).


Kristina P. said...

I need to be better at actually cherishing my time, especially when I have it with my family and friends, and not being so lazy.

frau said...

I have uttered the words Time will tell.....what does that even mean....what will Time tell???
I used my time wisely today...tomorrow I'll probably waste some time.....

lisleman said...

Maybe it's part of the test of time?  We sure use the time in many different ways.
thanks for your time.

lisleman said...

It's always good to have a positive outlook but not always easy to achieve.  I think being lazy together with family and friends can be enjoyable.  thanks for your time.

unknownmami said...

Time and I go way back.

lisleman said...

Interesting - so would say it's a friendly relationship or complicated?

Steve E said...

Some time I remember the good times, and forget the bad...if I have the time.

Thanks, Man!

oceangirl said...

This is interesting Lisleman.

Time to make time.

lisleman said...

Good advice - thanks

lisleman said...

thanks for your time over here.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

I've always been fascinated with the notion that time doesn't really exist, at least, not in any tangible way.    

lisleman said...

Last year Scientific American had an article about some physicist don't think it exist.  I posted about it.
Thanks for your time here even if it didn't exist.

Jene said...

How did I make the time? I'm supposed to be working (shhh!) but I needed to get my A Few Clowns Short fix. I've been away from my Reader for too long.

Did you happen to hear this story on NPR? It's a few weeks old at this point, but still interesting and relevant to your topic.

Thinking about these things too much makes me feel rather small and insignificant. It's the kind of thing that keeps me up at night :)

lisleman said...

thanks for that link.  I may have seen that but listening to it again reminded of the road trips of my past.  Small and insignificant - ha it's all relative - you are not insignificant to your family and friends.  A Few Clowns Short fix - that's a great compliment.  Thank you.

nursemyra said...

I not only found the time to read this post, I also watched your videos over at the other link. Really liked the men on the moon discussing physics

lisleman said...

thank you  Do you like physics or science?  Often people don't give it a chance.

cctv karachi said...

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