Tuesday, July 05, 2011

soak up the sun

I was surprised to learn that my childhood town was selected as a venue for Sheryl Crow.

I bought the tickets many weeks before the world was predicted to end. Remember that big joke? One of my end thoughts was the refund policy on this concert if that prediction was true.

When I left Joliet back in the 70’s, it was starting a decline. One big change that came along in the 80’s was riverboat casinos. I can see the effects all around the town of the money that was put back into the city from that. I played at one of the casinos once or twice.

Sheryl Crow played at the downtown Rialto Square Theater which was built in the 1920’s. As a teen, it was my choice place to go see 007 save the world.  I recall the bus fare to get there was about a quarter.  Also, on a lucky day I might  make-out with a girl while who-cared-what was on the screen.  My luck was better at catching the bus.

The Rialto looks much better today than it did when 007 played there. The floors are no longer sticky. It was restored to its past grandeur.

A couple of pics before the concert:

We found out that our niece is a bigger fan than I. Or just has more expendable income (?). She bought an expensive meet-and-greet ticket. We saw her down in the second or third row before the concert.

I asked her about the experience. She wrote:
ugh. it was 30 seconds, shake her hand and they took a picture that was it. I wasn't allowed to take pics..

Since Sheryl has a book, a cookbook, being lucky enough to catch a book signing would have been better.

As you probably know, Sheryl is extremely skinny. Too thin IMHO but what do I know? So I wonder if she eats much of the recipes found in her cookbook. I’m sure she has tasted all of them but probably never gets seconds.

Here’s picture from the concert that her team posted on FB:

We happened to catch another concert earlier this year, Jackson Browne. Comparisons of concerts are very subjective so with that in mind, the Sheryl Crow show had much more energy flowing into the audience.

Since she became a big hit in the 90’s, I thought the audience would be dominated by much younger fans. It appear to be a good mix of all ages. While we were certainly in the older half, our parents would have met people their age there.

As I writing this I thought of a great name for the aging fans of Sheryl Crow - crowsfeet


Jene of the blog, "The Original Bean" has her latest music challenge up.  This time we need to post about our favorite road trip music.

Road trip music should be uplifting, energizing, wake-you-up, type of music.  Driving while sleeping does not go too well.  I have a number of CD mixes I play on road trips and many contain Sheryl Crow songs.  Here's a favorite for a summer road trip:  (oh she played this one at the concert too)


Bearmancartoons said...

She actually looks healthier after dating lance armstrong than she did while dating him. (not including the whole cancer time)

lisleman said...

He didn't let her off the bike.  (I thought of another thing to say but won't because I quit saying that stuff in high school)
So you must be a fan to notice something like that.  Speaking of appearances/looks, there is one picture of her from the 90's that looks awful.  She looks homeless in it.  I think she really enjoys performing.

tracismixedbag said...

Wow! I love the sense of pride one gets when others see how special our town is. BTW My stepmother grew up until she was about 12 in Joliet. Small world.

lisleman said...

yes it is a small world - blogs, FB, etc.  makes it even smaller all the time.
Have you been to the Rialto lately?

Barbara said...

What a great theater!! I'm glad you got to see her in your hometown. I agree with you on roadtrip  music - I like to listen to songs I know all the words to (or can at least fake it).

Kristina P. said...

Wow, that is a beautiful theater. I don't really have strong feelings towards Crowe one way or another.

lisleman said...

yeah I guess you spell her name either way too!
I don't believe she is related to Russell.
It's a small theater too so all the seats are good.

lisleman said...

faking the words can be funny.  Have you ever gone to the site "excuse me while i kiss this guy" ?  great mistakes


Jene said...

That theater looks pretty amazing. I can't imagine seeing a movie in a place that majestic. I love your descriptions of life as a kid.

I've never heard that particular Sheryl song, but I like it!

Sexdrugsandbaconsandwiches said...

What a shame to spend so much money on a meet and greet and get that kind of treatment.

TechnoBabe . said...

This post caused me to read more about Cheryl Crow. I wish her good health and lots of happiness as she brings so many people joy with her music. Imagine having a talent like that!  The meet and greet tickets are usually not worth the extra charge, just a better seat really. The Rialto looks like a small, intimate place and it must have good acoustics. Glad you had a good time at the concert.

Ocean Girl said...

i love sheryl crow although don't really know much about her songs.  your cinema hall is beautiful, glad they preserve it complete with sweet memories!

lisleman said...

The sad thing about watching a movie there was it was so dark that you didn't even notice the art on the ceiling.   I don't think they play movies there anymore but I moved out of town so I don't follow it.
"Summer Day" was probably her biggest hit from her recent "100 Miles from Memphis" album.  Here's a little more on Sheryl

lisleman said...

I certainly didn't think it would be worth the money.  But the concert was great since it was a small venue.  thanks

lisleman said...

You should write her and suggest she record your tractor themed song.  Yes this is a great place for a concert.  Sheryl said she thought it was a beautiful place too but I'm sure she likes to say good things about all the places she performs.   I sense that she really enjoys sharing her talent.  thanks

lisleman said...

you should check out her songs.  She has many of her own and she has covered other good ones too.  She has performed with the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Kid Rock, Willie Nelson and many more.

Jillsy Girl said...

Looks like your Rialto is Atlanta's version of "The Fox Theater".  Beautiful!

lisleman said...

thanks - I have not heard of the Atlanta place but I don't know too much about Atlanta except Peachtree and Coke.

From Tracie said...

That theater is beautiful!

I've always liked Sheryl Crow. Glad you enjoyed the concert. 

Mrs4444 said...

She doesn't exactly dress up for her concerts, does she? 

What a gorgeous theater!  Glad you enjoyed the concert. Did you get to make out?

lisleman said...

ROFL  -  since I put that in the post I guess it's fair game to ask.  No the live concert held our attention.  I didn't notice any romantic embraces  around us either.  too funny

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