Saturday, May 21, 2011

major rapture fail

Judgment Bus by Editor B at the blog
This non-rapture May 21, 2011 maybe one of the biggest jokes of the year.

I thought just in case I’ll write a poem. Poetry, I imagine is big in heaven. I can’t sing. A few comments I’ve heard have me wondering if heaven might a boring eternity. I really pray that there are stand-up comedian acts with unlimited tickets available. Oh and beer too.

Here’s my rapture poem by lisleman:

With fear they were able capture
The minds of many regarding the rapture.
Unlike the time the story was first told
Our connected fast world was quickly sold.
I consider myself an optimist
This end date doesn’t show on my list.
But on this day, I here confessed
About the rapture I became obsessed.
So another day I will grow
To watch time’s steady flow.
With much doubt ringing in my ear
Just leave me alone to finish my beer.


Kristina P. said...


Nope said...

I like your poem. Thank you for making me smile.

Antares said...

I have no idea why it picked nope, maybe it's a sign?;)

unknownmami said...

Guess I'll have to do the laundry after all. Bummer. 

jobs for 12 year olds said...

Nice posting! I like this poem.

Bearman said...

Do mine too. 

lisleman said...

I guess you go by both Nope and Antares?  Maybe it is a sign you have too many names.

lisleman said...

This whole thing has me thinking about what life was like when this story was first written.  Laundry?  I don't know but I think unless you were royalty you probably didn't have closet of clothes.  Stone washed togas were long lasting trend.  How about bills?  I understand the coins and money system was around but I think you could still pay for many things with a goat.  Try taking a goat to the mall to buy shoes.

Charlie Callahan said...

What a beautiful poem! The last line, especially, made me cry.

I didn't know the world was still here until I looked at the date on the newspaper this morning: May 22, 2011. "Yup, we're still here," my wife confirmed, but I don't know if she meant that in a good way or not. I don't look too good when I first get up in the a.m.

lisleman said...

Maybe seeing your face in the morning is not so great but I suspect she enjoys your company and great humor.
thanks I didn't cry in my beer because that would ruin it.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Still standing...

My brother is quite devout.  Once upon a time I referred to him as a born again.  He feel this whole thing gives Christians and people of faith a bad name.  Me too. 

lisleman said...

I certainly don't want to knock any person's beliefs and I agree with you that a prediction like this doesn't help advance the cause.  I have only seen documentaries and read a little so there is much I don't know about various religions.  Much like many other human ideas there are some that way out there from the norm (what ever that is).  Sacrificing goats, casting spells, virgin birth, ringing bells and angel wings, awaiting virgins in heaven, beating themselves, sacred cows, etc.  Many beliefs don't hold up well under modern analysis and many get very upset if things are questioned.  

secret agent woman said...

Did you read that Camping has changed the Rapture date to October 21st?

lisleman said...

Not exactly.  Back before May 21, I understood the whole gets started on May 21 and then there is this 5 month or whatever period until Oct. 21 at which time everything goes up/down/sideways in smoke.  Most everyone, even people with much more belief in the bible (which is a great story) than me say you can't pin this event down to a day or a year.  So maybe I should pick a date and compete with this guy.  The date picking is just stupid.  thanks - hopefully I didn't upset anyone and my guardian angel is still hanging with me and we are moving on.

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