Thursday, September 02, 2010

Take a fragment - break the law

Mrs. 4444 (4444 is a number that can NOT be expressed as a sum of 3 squares) offers a regular Friday fragments feature.  Please take a fragment or better yet, join in the fun.


I wrote about a list the other day.  Why do people enjoy looking at a list?  Is it the organization?

I hate to-do lists.  I always find something other to do, like having a beer.  Here’s a good list:


(non-users of Facebook skip this it will be confusing)  I got into a little trouble with one of my adult daughters (BTW all my kids are adult now but I point this out for first time visitors).  She wrote:
“I can't believe you wrote a comment on K---'s page about the your FB page.”

I started a FB page titled “Stop Music On-hold” and dropped a comment about it in the comments to a music type message left on this girl’s wall.  She is also connected as a friend to me (well last I checked).  Turns out this musical message was left by the girl’s boyfriend.  I wrote back to my daughter:
“How the hell would I know if it's her boyfriend or some stalker ?”

Hey people FB is very public.


Did you happen to see my cardboard cutout yet?

They are showing up at local festivals all over.  So I receive this picture taken of one of them.  I couldn’t believe it.  I missed my chance to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama.  I don’t know what I would have asked her.  I probably would have asked if she was able to get Barry to stop smoking.

Oh yeah, here’s the picture.


Do you recycle your posts?   I am 99% certain most of you didn’t go back and read my old posts.  Most of the good posts are still good years after they are posted.  Sometimes the subject is time sensitive because it relates  to recent events in the media such as the vampire craze (a post on that would suck more over time).  What do you think of my recycled item pulled out of the vault?

(first posted Dec 09 as “last responser”)
Just got a call - "so what's up" my daughter says.
"You called me. Why you asking me?" was my somewhat confused reply.

Daughter wanted to know if I could drop whatever and go watch this toddler who she often babysits because blah, blah.  Not too big of a deal, if it wasn't on such short notice.  I'm still processing the morning coffee, give me a little warning.

I'm not a first responser.  Makes me wonder how well fifty-something firemen or EMS people do.  One thing about being an ambulance driver though - you get to give people 'the ride of their life'.

Good thing I didn't jump on that request because within 5 minutes I got another call from mom-in-law.  She needed some online help with her tollway account.

There was a time in my career that I was on call.  During my Air Force career, we got to carry a radio with us (before cellphones kids) so that was kinda cool.  Also, a parent is always 'on call 7by24'.  So there was that.  But all my kids old enough to legally drink now  (getting a call for a beer - that's a different story).

So if you are going to run out of gas, have a dead car battery, or get stuck in the snow, please provide at least 24hr. notice.  If you're calling to invited me for a beer well give me 30-40 minutes depending how far the bar is away.

Now where did I put that bottle opener?


I wrote my first law.  Doesn’t everyone get their own laws?  After the age of 50 everyone should get to write down a law.
Lisleman’s First Law of Blogging

Most visitors don’t leave a comment.
( Mom bloggers that belong to something like SITS get comments with a post about something like stubbing their little toe.  I find many of the Mommy gang blogs very interesting.  Seriously, I don’t know where some of you get your energy and you should be proud of your writing and story telling.  )
Come here, I got a question.

Is there anything you would like me to write about?  I guess I might be able to write about anything but it doesn’t mean I would know what the hell I’m writing about.  I mean I’m not promising a minimum number of words or anything intelligent.

Ok you have nothing on your mind for me (what lights on - nobody home?).  Well I would like you to write something for me.  Please write a comment.  

Go ahead break Lisleman’s First Law!

Mommy's Idea


Kristina P. said...

Hey, I leave comments! I am actually speaking at one of SITS conferences about blogging etiquette. Should be delightful.

Also, my first posts are sucky, sucky. They would never get recycled.

unknownmami said...

I am not most visitors so I am leaving a comment. I'd say maybe 10-20% of visitors leave a comment.

Bearmancartoons said...

I'm confused which one is made of cardboard?

I have the opposite problem that most bloggers do. Most can't find an audience past their friends and family. Me, I can't get my friends and family to comment.

lisleman said...

I am. Everyone wants to take their picture with me. I'm thinking I should offer an autographed copy as a prize to a contest.
I have the same issue. I get little family interest or respect. Sometimes I can threaten a daughter into reading it. Have you tried using their names in some fictional story. I thought about it.

lisleman said...

You are very good about sharing and I look forward to your comments. I recall you saying that being pregnant leaves you more tired than usual, so I assume that's why your comments seem shorter than in the past. I don't think that's the problem. I think it is being barefoot that's the problem.
I agree with your percentage of visitors but probably even lower for me.

lisleman said...

You certainly do and you are typically the first comment here. Thanks.
SITS - I have some thoughts about that club/community/gang but I'll hold off for now. The good thing about them is the promotion of blogs. Is there such a thing as blogging etiquette.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

If I've got a blog in my Google Reader, I tend to only reply about 50% of the time and when I do, I usually talk about myself. Like how I broke my toe the other day and I talked about it twice (or maybe three times this week) haha

I never got into those blog linking clubs, but that's probably because I'm not a very good friend. I can't seem to get to all of the Friday Fragments each week. But I would love to hear your take on them at some point. I'll even comment, I'm sure :)

Kristin_The_Goat said...

Oh, I forgot to mention - I know exactly where Albion College is located - but I haven't seen a t-shirt from there in a very long time. Cool :)

W.C. Camp said...

Wow that cut out is so life-like and in 3-D, which one is Mrs. Obama? Ok, I'll bite ... here is my first rule of blogging. MOST OF MY BLOG READERS CANNOT READ! W.C.C.

W.C. Camp said...

HA - my family won't even look at my blog much less comment! W.C.C.

OneStonedCrow said...

Howzit lisleman - yeah, Facebook, Twittering 'n Tweeting is not for me, I don't really want people to know every detail if my life (if they're interested in the first place).

Yes, I've got something I'd like you to write about - The Jerry Springer Show - have you ever been to one of his shows and how do you think it affects other peoples' perceptions of Americans and American Society?

I must confess that, in the past, I've sat glued to the TV watching all the shenanigans but, even though the people on the show probably represent people of any country in the world, it seems strange that bizarre behavior should be lauded in this way.

Old age is probably mellowing me because now-days I can't stand to watch any of his shows ...

The Original Bean said...

I like the idea of recycled posts. I try to do that every so often, especially when I'm swamped with work and real life and don't want to completely neglect the blog.

I try to comment as often as possible! I know that a bunch of people visit my site every day (thank you google analytics), but my comment count is pretty low. Makes me think that I'm just not that interesting.

Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Well, honeychile, one reason people don't leave comments is that it can be quite a challenge to the computer impaired! I haven't come across Disqus before. Anyway, I expect your Law is true.

About Facebook-----whatever happened to the phone? I got this urgent message on Facebook last night, "Mom, where are you???????????" Call me up, already!

BLOGitse said...

I agree with Mami - 10-20% leave a comment...
You look very handsome couple! LOL! :)
Greetings from Casa!
(the button is not ready...I have too many to choose from...)

BLOGitse said...

oh I hate that kind of shows...Why would we like to see people to be stupid or weak...But it seems to be a trend now. People do whatever to get fame and glory - good or bad!

lisleman said...

thanks she adds a glow to the place.
Good to see you read the other comments. I'll do that if there are not too many. But that's another good feature of the comment threads - much easier to read.

lisleman said...

Thanks Ann (honey)
I'm not computer impaired but I certainly agree with your position about using the phone to actually talk. The latest generation would rather text back and forth than just talk. I like texting when it makes sense. Also, people don't understand that not everyone on facebook is actually on facebook all the time. I guess the ones that use facebook on their smartphones just think everyone else is too.
One more item (you kinda got me going here) - People these devices have an OFF button - use it once in awhile.
Well thanks again for sharing a comment and DISQUS is a good system for bloggers.

lisleman said...

Youngest daughter graduated from there. Nice school.

lisleman said...

Hmm interesting rule. So you are saying that they are drive-by visitors.

lisleman said...

Thanks for sharing. You said something that probably goes through most bloggers minds. I think the same thing at times. Nobody likes my writing or ideas. There is probably someone out there for almost any blog content. It's a matter of getting to the right group. I don't know how many blogs you follow but keeping up with them is time consuming. Blogging should be fun. Many start with the wrong idea about it. I wish more people would use the blogroll and comments to find new blogs. Chances are if you like someones comment you'll like their blog.
thanks again.

lisleman said...

I'm not sociologist but so what I could write about that crappy TV show.
Basically it's the same appeal as gawking at a car wreck.

secretagentwoman said...

I have never recycled a post although I occasionally refer back to one. I read very few mommy blogs because they usually bore me. And I don't bother to read a blog if I don't want to leave comments.

lisleman said...

That last statement is interesting. I tend to comment but I have browsed over to a blog looked around, read a bit and left. If it's a blog I've been to before then I almost always comment. You have an interesting blog. I expect to find the unexpected in it.

mub said...

I'm a post recycler! I don't do it that often but every now and then it seems appropriate.

I think my problem with leaving comments is one of sheer laziness. If I've got it in my reader I have to click out to the page to comment. Maybe I should see if there is some sort of browser extension to solve that, then I'd have no excuses!

lisleman said...

You bring up a good point. Not all readers are reading the blog at the blog site. Reading it in a reader does add another step to leaving a comment. Thanks for pointing that out.

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