Friday, September 03, 2010

I don’t know these girls

Do you know these girls?

I’ve been often told, that I express odd remarks about things others don’t even notice or care about. I consider it a talent. My family finds it annoying. I have OCD - Obsessive Curiosity Disorder. Remember your toddlers when they started asking why. I never stopped.

Why is that guy turning left here in front of me?

Ok, you probably have said that to yourself as you hit the brakes. But I would continue.

Why does the exhaust pipe always seem to be on the passenger side? If it were a left side of the road country would the exhaust pipe be on the same side?

Ok back to that picture. This picture was used in some back-to-school ad I found in my spam folder. I cropped the ad part off ( 20% off their jacked-up price). So I figure these girls are either in trouble or they will be.


Look at their feet.

Barefoot and standing in the dirt.

They appear old enough to know better. I thought all girls were into shoes. What they don’t have any shoes. They are not at the beach.

Maybe they were thrown out of their house. It looks like they are trespassing on some horse farm. Maybe they are running away from home. No that’s not it, they are dressed in pajamas. It’s hard to tell but it doesn’t even look like they have slept in those pajamas yet.

One girl --> “Hey, you got your pajamas on?”
Other girl --> “Sure do girl.”
One girl --> “Ok meet you at the horse farm.”
(do girls talk like that? Oh I know, I should inserted a few “like’s” into it. “Hey like, you like got like...”)

I’m so glad my daughters are grown. But we do have a horse farm not too far from here.  Could you imagine if I showed up there barefoot in my pajamas?  Sorry for that image - but really.

Oh if you have a daughter about that age - don’t show them this ad. You’re asking for trouble -- Certainly dirty feet.

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Kristina P. said...

They are practically Britney Spears!

lisleman said...

Ok like how do you like get the like first comment all the time like?

So Britney goes barefoot alot. I pay no attention to that idiot. All I know is she dropped her kid and doesn't exit cars like a lady. I'm not even sure if I got the right celebrity idiot.

OneStonedCrow said...

Hehe lisleman ... It's too late for being sorry ... now I'm stuck with the image of you, barefoot and in pajamas, being thrown off a horse farm for the rest of the weekend ...

I wonder why you're chucked off? ... could it be that they're afraid of being sue if a horse steps on your foot?

secretagentwoman said...

Um, you don't go outside barefooted? It's one of the joys of summer time! I hope I NEVER outgrow that.

W.C. Camp said...

I tend to agree with you but by now you know my general philosophy is that there is NOTHING that a good pair of pajamas cannot solve! W.C.C.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I don't go outside barefoot. You see, I'm the type of person that steps on the piece of glass, the nail in the driveway or the lone sticker plant in the nice lush grass. I wear shoes - not even flip flops - tennis shoes with the laced double knotted.

Aledys Ver said...

Oh dear, what a good way to start the week: laughing out loud! Seriously, what were they thinking? Good that you wrote this, or else I would've thought that it's normal on your neck of the woods to wear your pyjamas when you go to a farm... :D You know, because we all think that people in other countries always do weird things, don't we? :D

The Original Bean said...

I don't do barefoot. I do it at the beach, but even then my feet start to feel gross after a while. I rarely do it at home, either. White cotton socks are my BFFs. For real.

This post reminds me of Catalog Living. Have you ever seen that site? I think you would like it. (

The only thing that could have helped the dialogue would have been Facebook Teen-Speak:

One girl --> “HeY, U GoT UR PaJaMaZZZZZZ oNNNNNN?”
Other girl --> “SuRe Do GRLLLLLLLLLLLLL :o).”
One girl --> “OK MeeT U at the HoRSe FaRMMMMMMMMM. LOLOLOZZZZ”

lisleman said...

I have been to that site before but thanks for reminding of it.
Facebook speak - interesting STUUUFFFF thanks

abby jenkins said...

the girl on the left, is her right arm unusually long or is it just me?

lisleman said...

now that you pointed it out, the lower part of her arm looks weird. She is very skinny and maybe her arms were photoshopped too.

Tonal2010 said...

These are very beautiful...
Thank you for the post..Locksmith in Bronxville NY

SewDucky! said...

I am a shoe horse and I have more pairs than I can possibly wear in a month...but I run outside barefoot. Mostly to walk the SO to his car for work, or to get him inside. Even to the pool 30 feet from my door. Occasionally, into stores when I am going cross country and I don't want to shove my feet into shoes again just to run to the bathroom and grab coffee.

I mean, yeah bare feet is so classy and all but there are times it is the only thing to do.

As to running around like this: no. I have to wear my bunny slippers. In public. Just sayin'.

lisleman said...

It appears from the comments that outdoor barefoot people are more common than I thought. I thought I would answer with this one comment, the comments following that running barefoot theme. You'll find me barefoot at the beach and inside my house but not at a place similar to the picture.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Lisleman, I'm back from vacation and still trying to catch up but I'm glad I saw this post. I love the way you think.

Wonder who the ad exec was that came up with the photo shoot-- cuz you know someone storyboarded it so it looked exactly like this-- barefoot in PJs. Sheesh.

Hope your weekend is fun. Cheers, jj

Kevin said...

A Scots lady I was once extremely interested with spent her first year at university going through a hippy barefoot stage. This was at St. Andrews, in the winter when it's like Nova Scotia.

lisleman said...

I gather from this and other things you have written that you were part of the US ad industry. If you check back here maybe you could answer a question. Do these "few clowns short of circus" ad groups ever bother trying to figure out the effectiveness of different images? I've seen some very odd poses in ads that I don't think would get people to buy the product. I realize they want to grab your attention but don't they also want it to be positive attention?

lisleman said...

Hi Kevin,
It didn't get to the "dating" stage then? You couldn't get pass the dirty feet?
Well if a person can go barefoot on frozen ground they have great control over pain and they are nuts.

lisleman said...

Thanks. We definitely have variety here in the US. If you really want to see a fringe group check out the Burning Man festival.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Lisleman,

Oh yes! The ad industry spends zillions of dollars on consultants,
focus groups and survey groups coming up with their campaigns. But,
honestly, half the time I think a little common sense is all they
really need-- Or asking the opposite sex (or someone that isn't paid
by the boss) what they think. I can usually guess which campaigns
were run by men and which were run by women.

The thing that gets me lately are the tv commercials that spend $$
$millions and you have no idea what they're selling until the last few
seconds when they momentarily flash a logo.

I yiyi.

Cheers, Joanna
Have you seen

Guest said...

Hey there, I don't wear shoes. I have been like this all my life. I have to wear something on my feet in the winter now because it snows here, but inside I don't wear shoes. Right now I am sitting at the computer shoeless. We were outside this morning doing chores around the house, without shoes. Yep, we are hippies and we like it, ha.

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