Monday, July 19, 2010

As the blog turns

God I hated the soap operas my Grandma watched. But when reality TV showed up, well it made those soap operas look like Tennessee Williams.

Jon & Kate went over the hills - episode 1

Scene opens with camera panning over the cool trash scattered around the room.
Girl looking the day after the night before slides over the shiny leather couch (note - I should get a leather couch out of this deal) and starts to speak but turns as a redhead with tramp stamps dancing on her muffin top enters the room. 
(break for 20 minutes of commercials of whiter teeth and Captain Morgan)

By now you have channel surfed, updated your blog, FB wall, and texted 10 BFF’s.  

WTF was I watching.  OMG I need to get whiter teeth. Gawd what was the name of that whitener?

This post was brought to you by
Whiter Teeth by Locomotive Breath Industries. The  industrial strength cleanser for your mouth.  You don't watch Grandma's TV and your teeth shouldn't look like her's either.


TechnoBabe said...

Grandma gets to remove her teeth when she wants to. No hand brushing her teeth no sir. I wonder if someday I will have false teeth.

lisleman said...

I have some crowns but it would be terrible to have the removable type.

Sadako said...

So right about that. When I watch Bravo I think of soaps and how by comparison they must be downright Shakesperean.

Cheeseboy said...

Teeth whitener named after a train? Hm, sounds like the product I need.

lisleman said...

Hey I could whip up a free sample. You just need to paid 9.99 in S&H. But wait there's more - order now and you'll get my latest CD "Day Break and Breaking Wind".

W.C. Camp said...

I love that unique cup. I think those would be a real big seller in
Starbucks! W.C.C.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

Too funny! Loved this.

dina@4lettrewords said...

I want those cups for Bunco night!!

lisleman said...

I wish I sold them. I don't know if anyone sells them. Let me know if you find them somewhere.
It would be a riot to slip those into a cocktail party or wedding.

Pat said...

I am hoping that reality shows are a fad, like quiz shows (remember them?) and will go away! The sooner the better. The problem is that they're cheap to produce, so I don't know what it will take to get rid of them. Maybe if we, like, you know, DON'T WATCH THEM??? Sigh. One tiny ray of hope: when asked on The View, our president did not know about the reality show star who shall remain nameless here. He has better things to do, and so do we!

lisleman said...

I think you are right about the money part. More profit margin. I have not watched Mr. Obama yet. It's on my list. I know he knows the name of the kicked out BP CEO.
Quiz shows - I liked who wants to be a millionaire but honestly I don't even know if it is still on.

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