Friday, June 25, 2010

late friday fragments

Mommy's Idea

Hey I'm not a morning person!

Mrs. 4444 (I don't know the meaning of that number but if I were to pick one it might 007) has been doing this Friday thing (I'm not talking about TGIF drinks but who knows) a 100 times! Wow - So I thought I could join in at least once. Also, I have read some good FF posts.

Now this lady below I bet would have done a great FF skit. Do comedians tend to die young or does it just seem that way to me?

I few bloggers I follow have switched to wordpress.  I'm I missing something?  Would that bring more readers?  Do bloggers also switch from that to blogger?  Don't you hate it when you didn't get the memo?

Other than on the web or in your inbox have you ever seen this?

If I had a diner, I would so love to use cups like that.  

Here's another email picture I got recently.  Ok at first I thought that's a great idea.  What a space saver.

But then I remembered my daughter's room.  The whole family would be in crutches and disabled the first week.  Too big of a problem with forgetting to shut the drawers.

On this 100th FF list I found a blogger (new to me) that had the most excellent photos of an airshow.  I love airshows and should post some photos of my own.  Here's the link -  A Life in the Sticks

Oh one last fragment - on my recent trip to AZ, I noticed a special sign and parking area next to the handicap spots.  Now I wish I took a picture but I was carrying stuff didn't bother to go back.  So in Mesa AZ (please tell any other locations if you know) they had special parking areas for adults with children.  I thought that's a nice idea.  Of course, I can imagine some old people using the handicap spot next to a rowdy car of kids might be upset.


Mrs4444 said...

Sorry-didn't see an email address anywhere, so I'm replying here (feel free to delete this after you read it :)

You're so funny. Actually, Mr.4444 was puzzled by one of them. I said, "Sheesh! They do come in all shapes, you know; don't act like you don't know that, haha.)

Why, yes, I did start FF. I was shocked that no one else had thought of it! It's so easy and yet, so satisfying :)

Thanks for stopping by :) Off to read your FF post now!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey! Thanks for joining in this week and for visiting other fragmenters. I especially love your fragment about the functional steps; I am constantly leaving drawers open. (I wonder what that says about me?!)

I have almost never heard of anyone switching to Blogger from Wordpress, except for the time someone switched BACK. I'm told it's great, but that the learning curve is brutal (WP is NOT user-friendly.)

If you send me your email address, I'll reveal the secret about where "Mrs4444" comes from :)

Off to check out the air show!

lisleman said...

thanks this works fine - actually that's one of the benefits of registering with DISQUS is getting the replies to your comment in your email. I'm sure you visit Unknown Mami who uses DISQUS and I find it very convenient to get replies in the email and not need to go back and check.

oceangirl415 said...

On the boat we have a storage like that but not a drawer. We can open up the steps and store vacuum cleaner and stock of soft drinks :)

The cups bottoms - rather spooky.

Bearmancartoons said...

Stairs is a good thing...only way that would work is if it had some mechanism that automatically shut the door. are right BOOM.

TechnoBabe said...

I agree with you about the drinking glass gag. It would be a great idea in a little cafe somewhere. Maybe Mesa AZ?

Matty said...

Steps with a drawer - ingenious.

I've heard good and bad things about wordpress. I can barely manage the technical aspects of Blogger without trying something else.

Roseanne was a classic. Miss her.

unknownmami said...

I do know of one blogger that moved from Blogger to WordPress and hated it so she went back to Blogger.

Guess what? After the move, I got so many complaints about keeping Disqus that I relented and took it down. I just love how easy it is to respond to comments through Disqus, but I got so many complaints I couldn't ignore them.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I wish I had those cups for my July 4th party. Those are hysterical.

And I thought the same thing about the stairs drawer-- at first-- But I too would be on crutches in no time-- And it'd be my fault ;-)

Happy FF

lisleman said...

well I would complain that you should put DISQUS back.
Can't please everyone.
I think it's much better than WV stuff.

lisleman said...

wow that a good amount of spam. Unfortunately I suspect I don't have the traffic level you have so I probably would not get 60 spammers but I did get some before DISQUS. Now I can't remember even one since using it.

lisleman said...

that doesn't count the google follow/friend thing or the networked blog FB app does it?

secretagentwoman said...

I'm a little skittish about wooden stairs as it is, but one with drawers that might be left out? Nope!

I don't really understand all the Blogger-hate. I've not had problems of any significance with it.

Miss Dee said...

Thanks for becoming my first follower! That's so cool!

I would totally do the stair drawers thing! More room to store my shoes? Yes, please. And I have no kids to trip if I left the drawers open--only me and my fiance. And a busted lip would be a small price to pay for having more storage for shoes.

lisleman said...

Shoes Shooes Shooes

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I love the drawers in the stairs - storage is always a premium and if you can use the stairs that's just awesome. I don't leave drawers open or cabinet doors open, so my learning curve would be quite short. It so funny, but it would never occur to me to not shut the drawer. Well anyway - it's a cool idea and I've seen that photo quite a few times. I just wish I had stairs!

Kristin - The Goat

unknownmami said...

I put it back. I woke up this morning and I had over 60 spam comments. Forget it!

unknownmami said...

According to feedburner, I only have 32 subscribers since the move, which I find a little devastating. I hope it goes back up since I had close to 500 before the move.

Visit me at:

unknownmami said...

It does. Some people seem to still be getting me just fine, a few say I haven't appeared. I'm hoping it's just taking a few days to adjust the feed count.

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