Monday, April 26, 2010

worried about screwing up

If you are a regular reader/follower (if not I hope you consider becoming one) you might recall a few pictures from Puerto Rico posted a few weeks ago.

Well I didn't mention it at the time but there was a very special reason I was in Puerto Rico in addition to rum tasting.

I was father of the bride.

I did OK.

It truly is a wonderful honor to perform.

I've done it before and every time is special and unique, just like the child involved.

Here's our daughter at her first wedding:

She did think she got married that day.  But I understand the confusion.  She wore a beautiful dress, walked down the aisle and held hands with a dapper young man.

Thinking about holding her little hand through the years brings tears of happy memories.  Now she has another man's hand to help her along the journey.

So the beach in Puerto Rico will now hold a special new memory for us.


oceangirl415 said...

Oh this is such a wonderful post lisleman. It brought tears to my eyes. May I share in your pride and joy. My very best wishes to the happy couple. May they forever walk hand in hand on the beach of their life together.

Congratulations to you and your family and to the newly-weds.

lisleman said...

thank you very much. I knew you would like it.

greeneyedmomster said...

Your daughter is so beautiful. So, this is her second marriage? ;)

I'm only joking. I wish her all the best, always.
Glad you did okay.


lisleman said...

thanks - I should try to look up that cute little boy who is not so little anymore. Last I heard his family moved to CA.

savannah said...

best wishes to the lovely bride and congratulations to her fine groom! all the best to all y'all, sugar! xoxoxox

TechnoBabe said...

What a very special occasion. Congratulations on your daughter's wonderful wedding on a special beach setting. I know that was a great day for all of you. No wonder it was such a great trip for you!! The picture of her little self holding hands with the ring bearer is so precious.

lisleman said...


lisleman said...

thanks - yes that is a favorite picture of mine

OneStonedCrow said...

Being the father of two daughters I feel your emotion - I was watching some old home videos of them just a few days ago ...

Best wishes to your daughter and her husband.

Charlie Callahan said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter. I never had a daughter to give away, but I suspect it's a tough thing for a lovind dad to have to do.

And the first little fellow she married—my suspicion there is she married him to practice yapping and compiling honeydew lists. Probably the reason he moved to California.

unknownmami said...

This post got me so choked up! Some moments in life are just beautiful.

lisleman said...

yes and that's the tough thing to remember when the ugly stuff comes your way. The good moments keep us going.

lisleman said...

I would not say "tough" but certainly emotional.
Oh those lists can be brutal. For some reason blogging is NEVER on the list. I guess you are saying CA was a get away place - You are not implying that CA women don't nag.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing - movies and pictures do help the memory

Jobs For 13 Year Olds said...

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Allison said...


This is the best blog post I've read of yours :) Your readers had very nice comments. You held it together really well throughout the whole ceremony...maybe because I was the third one you've walked down aisle. Great toast too!

You should share your favorite picture (the one with you shaking Matt's have a great expression on your face).

lisleman said...

Thanks I'm not sure the third walk had much to do with keeping it together. I think the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that you were calm made the bigger difference. Like I said, it was an honor.

The picture shaking Matt's hand - That's an idea I do.
(hey anyone reading the comments - that's the bride's comment above)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations to the gorgeous bride, her groom and her very proud Papa!

lisleman said...

thanks for stopping by, your post on the Las Vegas prompted me to get posted.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

What a lovely place to get married! And gorgeous shot.

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