Friday, April 30, 2010

head and heart

off the top of my head and from the bottom of my heart - would that be a spontaneous thoughtful idea?

Recently my wife and I were surprised with tickets to a Jerry Seinfeld show. We have both enjoyed him since his long running TV show. My family has compared me to the character George at times. Jerry still gives a great stand-up show.

He questioned where the phrase "blow smoke up your ass" came from. Did someone actually do this? Why would anyone bother doing this or think of it? Like George Carlin, Jerry finds humor in analyzing the common expressions said daily. Do you ever think why do I say this?

I've had some random questions and observations pop into my head many times:

As a guy I could be knocked around, knocked down, but never knocked up.

Suggestions -
  1. All Facebook users worried about aging should just use profile pictures from their youth. Is it insulting to say "You were a cute baby"?
  2. powerpoint should require a warning - loss of complete sentences, drowsiness, unnecessary coloring of fonts, may result in the presenter looking like a sandwich short of a picnic.

Questions -
  1. Would you like to get down with a person you look up to?
  2. Does the additive effect of bad weather experiences make us worry more about the weather as we age?
  3. For years it has been known that we live in a dusty universe. So why is cleanliness close to godliness? Dust is cosmic. Next time you ask, "where did all this dust come from?" - it's the universe letting you know your place.
  4. What is more annoying than a telemarketer? Is that part of the interview screening? Please annoy me. Ok you're hired.
  5. Has anyone studied bored to death cases? - good place to start bloggers

Today's post comes from a barefoot blogger who is enjoying nice weather on his deck.
Take care and past it along.


unknownmami said...

Put your shoes on, go inside, and quit making me feel jealous of your new computer! Not really. Enjoy...

I like your observations. You could have your own stand-up act with those.

lisleman said...

Hey I got the barefoot idea from a comment you made once.
My own stand-up act - that would be a dream
Just another odd ball idea - you should sell ad space on your head bag.

TechnoBabe said...

Barefoot and enjoying outside weather. It is a little chilly to me today here. Rain all through the night and thunder and lightening. It woke me up several times. But by golly there is no snow. It is a good day to read a book and write a letter to my mom to put in her Mothers Day card. I have wondered about some of the sayings people keep saying and passing on to the next generations. You bring up a few here.

lisleman said...

It looks like it's about to get wet here.
thanks I hope you enjoyed thinking about these sayings.

OneStonedCrow said...

Hehe lisleman ... a few good questions - I'm feeling dull witted today so I can't think of anything to add ... but speaking of cute baby pictures ... one thing that always bugged me as a kid was when an adult relative I'd not seen in a long time would pat me on the head and pronounce "My how you've grown!" ... grrr ... I mean, what did they expect?

eternallydistracted said...

Being eternally lost in translation means that I can totally sympathise with some of your points... the English language is an ass sometimes!

Charlie Callahan said...

"Has anyone studied bored to death cases? - good place to start bloggers."

I've read those blogs! One was pointed out to me where all she blogged about was her health problems—post after post—and she had followers!

And so, for the death certificate:

Cause of death: Bored to Death Myalgia

lisleman said...

Charlie you should publish your study.

lisleman said...

after you blog about her goof-ups I'm sure you teach your friend the correct usage.

lisleman said...

Yeah stating the obvious can be annoying to others.

Charlie Callahan said...

I think not, L-man. It would bore everyone to death.

Pseudo said...

I love that dust is cosmic. Now I can just continue to read blogs and relax and forget the housekeeping ; -)

lisleman said...

it works for me.

secretagentwoman said...

I'm not sure I ever noticed the Seinfeld-Gumby resemblance before.

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