Monday, March 01, 2010

want to start something with me

Let's start something BIG.

This could will be fun and involve sharing adventures, fame, and fortune.

Ok, so much for my launch of "Clown Marketing Inc."  Let me restart.

Really though, I would like to start something with travel pictures and sharing.

First off the travel doesn't need to be any farther away than your neighborhood.  I know some of you live in strange neighborhoods.  I enjoy finding unusual interesting fun pictures.  Of course, this is very subjective and often I can't see past my clown nose.

Best way to explain is with a powerpoint slideshow

I post a strange/fun photo 

and you guess where it was taken.

But wait there's more if you call in the next 15 minutes....  In addition to you guessing, everyone can guess your picture location.  But you need to post a picture and share the link.
This link part is really easy now because this disqus comment system coverts web addresses to links automatically.  Just copy/paste your post address in the comments.

I'm calling it "where's the clown".  I did something like this many months ago - check it out.

A couple of items to cover:
  1. Lets keep this safe for work - no revealing naked streaker pictures.  (but if you have actually streaked naked it would be interesting to read about)
  2. I'm not keeping to a schedule.  I hate schedules and especially those repeating meetings that get a life of their own.  Every so often I'll post a picture and you can join in the fun.
  3. No prizes because I won't know how to judge this.
 OK clowns lets start 
where's the clown
in the above picture??
Leave your answer in the comments and please post a strange funny picture you have taken and we will try to guess the location.


lisleman said...

I'm trying out the comment part of my idea.
Here's a funny picture but the post will tell where it was taken so the guessing part of game doesn't work with this link. However you might enjoy the picture if you didn't already see it here.

so let's see if the link thing works after I click the post button.

secretagentwoman said...

I have a strict non-participation policy because as soon as I agree to something I start feeling all constrained and resentful. But good luck with the project.

lisleman said...

thanks - that's ok and why I'm NOT trying to run it on a schedule. If you happen to have a funny picture posted please share it. But if you rather not that's fine and thanks for sharing your comment.

unknownmami said...

Are you in your backyard?

oceangirl415 said...

I wanna play, I wanna play. Wait till you have to guess where I get my pictures!!!:)

As for my guess, I have no idea. I want to say somewhere in Texas but the dinosaur was not big enough. Let's do 300miles radius of Cincinnati.

lisleman said...

if I were giving points but I'm not, that guess which is totally wrong would get the top amount of funny points.
LOL - yes I did say that the picture maybe from your neighborhood but that's because I know not everyone (lately me) gets to travel that often.

lisleman said...

well it is in the states but beyond 300 miles of Cincinnati

elementalmydear said...

Gosh Lisle, I haven't a clue where you are other than in a park with a dinosaur! :-)

lisleman said...

If my memory is still working that's the second time today you have said you are clueless. I think we should all pitch in and get you the game of clue. Or maybe you need to see the wizard for a brain. just kidding.
well if you want to play along (in other words I have not insulted you too much) - here's a clue what state has a National Monument that the Flintstone family would feel at home there?

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Dude, that dinosaur has your hat; RUN!!

dave hambidge said...

I will dig out someut suitable, but may not have time until Thursday, OK?

lisleman said...

sure just come back this post (I might have another one up before that) and leave a your blog post address in the comments. Oh any guess on the location of my photo? There is hint in the comments below.

elementalmydear said...

Somewhere in S. Dakota maybe??

lisleman said...

close - just one state away

Sprite;s Keeper said...

Very cool! Hm, the picture was taken about 20 feet from where you were standing. THAT'S where it was taken!

lisleman said...

funny - smart one eh? I bet you create trick questions for your family and friends. So do you have a picture you would like for readers to guess the location? Nobody worked out the hint in the comment below? thanks for stopping by.

dave hambidge said...

I have no idea with yours, not a clue, so there! (Continental USofA perhaps?)

I will post mine in two ways;

which will need answers here, OR;

which will allow answers there.

OK, where is it?

teeheeehhaaaa (slap, ouch, blarrrrr)

lisleman said...

Yes, certainly the states. If you read the comments you'll find it is a western state. A little searching around for dinosaurs found in the states would pinpoint it some.
Thanks for joining and I'm off to look at your pic.

dave hambidge said...

How about National History Museum, Los Angeles County, as at;

lisleman said...

no sorry too far west - just jill down a few comments got within one state. It was in a small town and we didn't even go in. I think it was closed when we stopped.

dave hambidge said...

I owe an apology to anybody who has tried to guess my contribution to this comp, please link to hmabocentral from above!

elementalmydear said...


lisleman said...

you are on the border of it - but which one?

lisleman said...

well if you are still interested the answer is up on the 'where's the clown' page

oceangirl415 said...

I've done it. I came here from your badge:) Check it out. It is a little low because I have a very long blogroll.

lisleman said...

great job - i checked it out and it works just fine.

dave hambidge said...

Nice one! I'm trying again, so;

Will post to blog tomorrow!

lisleman said...

I took a look I'll drop by and make my guess.

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