Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lisleman's lion lamb lexicon

Just Jill has a march challenge at her blog Elemental my dear.
The challenge:
capture the phrase "march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"

Here's my shot at it.
Lisleman's lion lamb lexicon

large lucky lion labored through the labyrinth of lace lurches for lunch

lethal lip smacking lion lacerated the lovely lily-white lamb

lanky lamb languished lengthwise on the landscape

Latino lipsticked ladies lacking a leg of lamb lassoed a loser lethargic leopard and sold at lucrative list price

little lazy lieutenant lambs licking licorice legislate leisurewear and legitimatize lewd lemonade

liquid lunch lions levitate from limousines as they line dance with lighthearted leprechauns

So do not linger in linking the lion lamb lexicon of Lisleman


Joanna Jenkins said...

High five Lisleman! :...line dance with lighthearted leprechauns...." is perfect!
Have a great weekend.

lisleman said...

thanks - I hope it gave you a smile

elementalmydear said...

Well, once again, you'll be a hard one to beat with this!! :-) I'm with Joanna, I like that particular sentence/lexicon the best!

elementalmydear said...

Oh, and BTW....thanks for being the first to take the plunge!

lisleman said...

thanks - it was fun once I decided to string words starting with 'L' together. Thanks for the challenge.

dave hambidge said...

Good work sirrah! My (very) different take will be up Saturday am in britland.

Charlie Callahan said...

I have to agree: the final entry is loveably luscious.

lisleman said...

thanks for getting into the repeating 'L' spirit.

unknownmami said...

Lovely, Lisleman!

lisleman said...

thanks - likable 'L' words

oceangirl415 said...

Wow you are good. I'm impressed. But I know you write so well and so funny too. This one is cool. Go lisleman.

PS: Thank you for lesson one. I know how to insert the badge in a post but now I think I know how to add a badge using add widget. And now I know for it to link I have to edit html. I am really scared to go there. But I know how to save my blog as backup before messing with it. Thank you again.

lisleman said...

Hey you speak at least two languages. I only know a handful of words in other languages. Hope the badge thing works for you. I was commenting with Hambo about which word - badge or button.
We decided that bladge would be a good one for blogs.

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