Saturday, February 27, 2010

short visit to a warm place

Wife and I were fortunate enough to take a short visit to a warmer place.  But as many know, the strange winter we are having made this southern part of Florida cooler than normal.  

I guess if you are already up to your ass in alligators, you might want to move along.  We didn't see any of those but we saw interesting wildlife.  

Mother-in-law plays snowbird for a month and we went down to stay with her for a bit.  We were in the Bonita Springs FL. area.

She stays at this very nice complex that has a boardwalk going through a marsh and into a small bay.  Here's one of the busy spots in the complex.

I met the local tortoise while strolling around the complex.

The weather was nice the day we went to nearby Delnor Wiggins State Park.

Can you figure out the decorations in this mangrove shrub?

The most surprising sighting was the armadillo.  I didn't know they lived in southern Florida.  I have seen them before in Texas and Missouri.  But here in the swamp/marsh were at least two armadillos.  This one went right under the boardwalk I was standing on.

As you can see NOT all the accommodations were five star.

Like pictures from all around the globe?

Then --- Check out Unknown Mami's Sunday in my City feature.
Unknown Mami

One just one more thing --
The flight back gave me a chance to try out the inflight internet service offered by Aircell.  Last year I was able to try out the Row 44 service on Alaska Air.  Besides using this Aircell service for the first time, I also was using a Ipod touch to browse the web.  The small size is great for looking at stuff and reading blogs but it's not easy to leave comments with the virtual keyboard.  I played this little game at the beginning and won which gave me a free internet session on this flight.  It normally would be $7.95.

Getting on the internet during a long night flight helps make the flight go by quickly (and I think more interesting than the non-stop talker next to my wife).

If you are wondering why I mention this inflight experience you need to read the background of this blog (follow the link above).

solar info link


oceangirl415 said...

The pictures are beautiful. The animals are wild and you are lucky to be able to catch them. I love the tortoises. And the weather looks really nice. Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel like going back into the wild, into the mangrove.

Happy Sunday.

BLOGitse said...

Beautiful pics from the world which is unknown for me.
What a wild life...
Sunny greetings from Cairo!

briantmiller said...

very nice. used to live in florida so seeing hte sights brough back some good, warm memories. hope you had a blast.

dina@4lettrewords said...

We LOVE turtles!! Great captures.

OneStonedCrow said...

Great images and commentary lisleman - I especially liked the armadillo images - I hate to ask this but, do people eat them?

... as for the shrub decorations, they look like the shells of some aquatic creature?

dave hambidge said...

Even our greenest garden plants look discouragingly grey at the moment, roll on spring!

Sonya said...

Wow Im just loving the tortoises!!! Beautiful water and greenery!

lifewithkaishon said...

Wow. What a great expedition : ) I love the last picture! How funny is that? : )

lisleman said...

thanks - I was not sure about adding it. It was outside of the nice complex.

lisleman said...

spring is the best season of the four to pick from.

lisleman said...

I have never heard of anyone eating them. They become somewhat common roadkill in a few states like Texas. The strangest thing about them I know is racing them at Texas bars.

Yes the decorations were sea shells. Apparently someone had plenty of time to hang shells on the branches. I could imagine some anthropologist coming upon this and thinking it was some native American ritual.

lisleman said...

Thanks for commenting - I understand Cairo has plenty of sunshine. Do you ever visit the Red Sea?

greeneyedmomster said...

I love the tortoise and the armadillo! I'm glad you got to visit a warm area. I'm so sick of snow.
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

I even like the one with the 2 chairs. Looks like a nice, quiet place to read! LOL!!

Blessing said...

These are pretty pics. I live in Gainesville FL where we see alligators every now and then. I am now following you blog, you can also follow me at


MyLittleMiracles said...

OH WOW those are some really great shots of all the local wildlife!!!

lisleman said...

the little time I spent walking around those chairs tells me that it's NOT a reading spot. It might be quiet after the visitors pass out.

vetsmom_rgv said...

Wow.... I'd like to take a trip like this some day. Use to go camping and hiking all the time. Thanks for sharing

secretagentwoman said...

I need to get out of town. :)

I encountered an armadillo once in a campground on Cumberland Island (GA) - it actually let me pet it.

lisleman said...

When I see them I think of dinosaurs. Watching this one close up reminded me of a mole.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Great pics but I would have been a wreck watching out for alligators-- Yikes!
Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

unknownmami said...

What's on the tree? I could not figure it out.

lillyslife said...

Hello stranger, wow these are great pictures and I love the tortoise. slow and steady wins the race. Glad you had a great wee vacation. I bet you are looking forward to the warmer weather, hey? Its going to be getting cooler here, our turn now.

lisleman said...

Onestonedcrow guess it (look further back in the comments)
The decorations were sea shells. Apparently someone had plenty of time to hang shells on the branches. I could imagine some anthropologist coming upon this and thinking it was some native American ritual.

lisleman said...

thanks - but really you would nervous seeing that sign? I'm guessing you have not enjoyed the CA desert which is not too far from you (snakes scorpions). Don't get me wrong, I'm NO crocodile Dundee (he was afraid gators though?) but I have gone on everglade air boat rides before. On one trip we spotted a gator while waiting for the boat ride. I didn't want to get very close. I've heard that because they don't turn really that well you should run in a zig zag pattern (bit of advise for your next trip to the swamp).

lisleman said...

Your winter turn - but I thought you don't even get snow in OZ. The tortoise was cautious with me but after a few minutes of me being rather still he/she (I kept my distance) started to eat. I hoped to catch a shot of his/her mouth open but didn't.

So how's the blog thing going?
Thanks for dropping off a comment.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Lisleman,

Yep, I would be afraid. I am a total wimp-- Especially with snakes
and animals with big teeth. I prefer to see those types of critters
at the zoo :-)

Hope all is well with you.

Have you seen

lindseypetersen said...

Like the surroundings and the wildlife. Hated the accommodations!!!!

lisleman said...

I came across those comfy seats while out for a walk. I did not sit in them.

sewa mobil said...

nice picture
keep on posting
i like this article

BLOGitse said...

Sorry my late reply...
Red Sea no. Our life is mainly daily life and at the weekends my hubby is tired and often he works from home too (weekends). He just wants to relax at home. Travelling here by car is not relaxing. sigh!
Light in Egypt is the best thing living here. Plus it's not snowing here! :)

lisleman said...

no problem it's nice to get replies. The linked or nested comments makes replying easy.
I heard there is some great snorkeling in the Red Sea. thanks

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