Monday, December 07, 2009

stay relaxed for the holidays

I don't know all the reasons why some people get so stressed out over the holiday festivities.  Maybe we feel like we are being judged.    So in the spirit of relax, chill out, whatever, I posted this little video clip I made.  It uses parts of a recording by Dinah Washington called 'Relax Max'.

I'm hopeful that the clip is still up there when I post this.  Youtube quickly gave me some copyright info about it and said it could be blocked in certain countries.

So you want to make the holidays extra special and decide to put together a video clip with some background music.  Holiday stress?   a big deal ? -  WHAT about ALLEGED COPYRIGHT VIOLATION stress??

Back in 2007, Stephanie Lenz wanted to share a cute home video of her kids dancing to some music. Here's the video (back on youtube after I-don't-want-know lawyer fees for 29 seconds)

That little clip became Lenz v. Universal.  I read about this case in the book 'Remix' by Lawrence Lessig.  Very interesting reading about the digital age and copyright law.  There is a doctrine called fair use.  Many corporations have a twisted view on fair but they don't waste anytime in using everyone.  

I also was planning to share my clip on Facebook.  It was up for maybe 3-4 minutes.  I received an email from Facebook stating that it was taken down because of alleged copyright violation.

Question for fellow bloggers - do you make youtube clips to promote or make your blog more interesting?

Oh remember if you happen to get lit-up like a Christmas tree - give the keys to someone who is better able drive - Be safe.

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ChristyLew said...

Hey! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog..thanks for the advice..I really appreciate that.

Stephanie said...

Actually all I did to get it put back up was submit a counter notice to YouTube.

The suit we filed against Universal for the false takedown notice is indeed racking up legal fees (my being represented pro bono by EFF and private firms).

Wishing you a stress-free season ;)

Bill Lisleman said...

@christylew - no problem thanks for checking out my blog.

@stephanie wow I didn't expect you would find this post. Thanks for the additional info on your story. I will try emailing you too. thanks

Claudya Martinez said...

Relax Max, I just voted for you on Blogger's Choice.

Bill Lisleman said...

@unknown mami - hey I'm more relaxed already. thanks for the vote. I looked for your blog on that site but didn't find it. You have my vote if you put your blog in.

BugginWord said...

Um. I'm a little disturbed. I can't stop watching those weird little sliding machines. They make me uncomfortable and happy all at once - kinda like Neil Diamond. I think I need to run away and hide now.

Bill Lisleman said...

@bugginword - the clown faced one is made from old toothbrushes so imagine my thoughts as I brushed my teeth after making that one. thanks for sharing a comment

Pat Fortunato said...

You're not stressed because you're a guy and you're probably not writing the cards or wrapping the presents, etc. HOWEVER, I do like the concept of getting lit up like a Christmas tree, while listening to the Diana Krall album. Another good one is An Oscar Peterson Christmas.

Bill Lisleman said...

@Pat F. - what a sexist but mostly true statement. I'm the tree decorator and would wrap gifts but everyone complains they look bad. I've been involved in the year end family letter but that's another story (maybe post).

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. I liked the clown / toothbrush one best. Why not take up toymaking as a hobby ?

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. I liked the clown / toothbrush one best. Why not take up toymaking as a hobby ?

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