Friday, November 20, 2009

rain eggos and pie news

Rain - too much or too little = problems

Some sections of the US has had some flooding this past year and those floods are showing up at the grocery store.
I suspect many of the readers have heard or experienced first hand the two big shortages in the news.

Pumpkin Pie filling

I first heard of the Eggo crisis from a cable news channel the other day (a link for more).  I can only imagine the screams of slackers around the country over next few MONTHS.  Yes months - Kellogg reports it might be until summer 2010 before the shelves are supplied to normal levels.  Might be a boom for ebay sellers.

Today more fear grew in my stomach as I read in the paper (yes I still read a paper - it's good for soaking up spilled coffee you know) that Nestle sees a shortage of pumpkin pie filling.  Oh BTW, bet you didn't know Nestle owns Libby which is the leading pumpkin pie filling canner.  Also, most of their pumpkins come from Illinois which had some very wet spots this fall.

Kellogg's flood problems were down by Atlanta GA.
The breaking eggo story (linked above) has a quote from a mom in Pennsylvania who got the last two eggo boxes from the local Walmart shelf (I think she could of cashed in big time outside in the parking lot).
"We have eight of them, and if we ration those — maybe have half an Eggo in one sitting — then it'll last longer,"
Wow quick smart thinking like this mom will help all of us get through the eggo crisis of 2009.  (also I'm thankful for the in depth AP reporting on this crisis)

By an odd coincidence my sister was with me when this shocking eggo story appeared on the new flat screen TV I was showing her.  Afterwards I felt like having a eggo.
Anyway she had experienced the eggo shortage just the other day and was left with no choice but the store brand frozen waffle (I don't know if she owns a waffle maker).  She tells me that she's not going back to eggos.  The store brand was superior.

The next morning I happened to be at her house which is now up for sale.  Some things have been moved already but good fortunate was upon me that day.  She still had a box of eggos in her fridge.  Knowing of the shortage, my taste buds anticipated those delicious toasted delights even more.  But (did I mention her family is in the moving process) there was NO TOASTER - is there a toaster shortage?

I ended up burning some in the frying pan.

Besides having a nice visit with my sister there is one more good outcome of this crisis.  I discovered Kellogg's has coupons on their web site 


Joanie said...

Oh thank goodness! I have a box of Eggos in my freezer.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I had no idea.
I got my pumpkin pie filling early this year; thank God!

Claudya Martinez said...

This really give added significance to the Leggo my Eggo campaign.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Shoot! Unknown Mami said what I was going to say :-)

Have a great weekend.

Bill Lisleman said...

@joanie - how much for that box? I'll start the bidding at $5
@maureen - I'm happy my blog service has alerted to this problem
@unknown - yes the media has used this phrase more lately.
@JJ - beaten out by another commenter - don't worry the race continues.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I just came back for another look at that yummy pumpkin pie with whip cream. I'm craving it :-)

Rhonda said...

Oh, that is hilarious!!

And I loved your comment on my blog about having to dig the keyboard back out! Too funny! You know, that horrible picture of my eldest daughter sleeping made it's way to facebook and she is LOVING the attention it is getting her! Kids are so weird. lol

Bill Lisleman said...

@JJ - return visit thanks - yes the whipped cream on top looks like a rose. I assume you checked the link to the photo.
@rhonda - glad you liked it - sometimes it's just the attention - you know like blogging.

betty-NZ said...

Wow...the things I miss by moving to the southern hemisphere! I have to make do with NO FROZEN WAFFLES!!! That should make you feel better!! ;-)

Kirsty @ Gone Bananas said...

knew about the pumpkin but the eggos?? lol Have to say when I pulled up your blog The Pumpkin Pie picture stuck in my mind the whole time I was reading and I'm now off to Publix to pick up some pumpkin pie and whipped cream. (My hips thank you *grin*)

Bill Lisleman said...

@bettly - are you new to the blog? Thanks for sharing a comment and if you happen by this way again please check out some the other posts - just click a tag.
@Kirsty - yes that picture is so tasty - so there are tasteful pictures on the internet.

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