Saturday, October 24, 2009

short notes on halloween

Just a few short notes on halloween and halloween past. Taking notes is typically a good thing. Never know could be a halloween test or more likely I'll just want to remember someday.

  1. As a kid halloween was much longer. I recall going for TWO nights of roaming the neighborhoods. We always used old pillow cases and on a good night fill them until they were hard to carry.
  2. My older brother (oh thanks for putting up with me) and I for a number of years dress-up the same. As hobos (less nice term = bums) we relied on mom to fix (unfix?) our outfits. The best part was burning the end of a cork and blackening our faces with ash.
  3. I even enjoyed getting the homemade caramel corn balls. You would probably be reported today if you handed out homemade anything. Most parents would discard any non-wrapped items.
  4. Our mom would make pumpkin pie from the guts of the pumpkin.  My kids have enjoyed baking the pumpkin seeds, but I am typically the one that eats most of them since they are not a big hit.
  5. I don't remember many parents going out with their kids. Now it's the opposite. It's rare to see kids at the door without a parent in the background.
  6. I recall some pranks like soap on windows. I apologize. Bad judgment on my part. Oh, the item above (parents in the background) really reduced the prank level.
  7. I thought halloween was just for kids until I was no longer a kid. I discovered a whole different side to halloween with the costume party. Probably the only time a sucking vampire could pick-up girls.
  8. We didn't have the halloween movie cycle back then.  I think scary movies would come out all during the year.  "Wait until dark" (it was released in Oct. guess I didn't make the connection) and "The Birds" were good ones.  (in my best old man voice) Even the scary movies had real acting back then! 
  9. Last October (2008) the scariest thing out there was the stock market and economy.  That's a little better this year.
  10. Lastly, I think this a fun improvement - Halloween pets.  Here's a funny story with some links about sexy costumes for pets.
These dogs look cute or funny but sexy just doesn't come to my mind.

This one is my favorite - 
going as another species.

How did they get that pose?

Check out the lace on this number:


Sorta disturbing - doesn't make me want eat:

You'll find more halloween fun over at the spin cycle


Lisa said...

Sweet memories - no toilet papers involved?

Things have certainly changed a lot and fun is hard to come by or has to be redefined.

Cool pictures and yes, that hot dog IS disturbing.

Happy Halloween. (is it here yet?)

Sprite's Keeper said...

TWO nights of trick or treating? How cool is THAT?! This is the first year Sprite will go trick or treating, but only since she's going with her best friend. If we weren't meeting up with her and her mom, we'd probably stay home again this year. You're linked!

Bill Lisleman said...

@ocean girl - TP you ask - well I've been know to decorate a tree or two, but on Halloween who has time for TP when there's candy to collect? Halloween is next weekend here.

@sprite's keeper - oh the little ones are the best for costumes - share a picture or two.

Barry said...

You bring back many memories for me Lisleman! I've filled a pillow case or two in my time. And you're right, we never had a parent out with us, how sucky would that have been?

Bill Lisleman said...

@barry - thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment. Yes the parents didn't hover over us at much back then.

Claudya Martinez said...

Halloween can be fun for all ages. I believe I was a hobo or a gypsy many times.

Bill Lisleman said...

@unknown - so that paper bag head look is new then??

Fantastic Forrest said...

I'm afraid of that hot dog costume. Too much hair in the food.

My daughter's new friend just informed her that Halloween forbidden in her house - they have never gone to a pumpkin patch, let alone wear a costume, because that is devil worship.


We love wearing costumes and stealing our children's candy when they're not looking. I found a great viking helmet with horns. I may wear it even when it's not Halloween.

Bill Lisleman said...

@ff - "Too much hair in the food" - LOL that's one I should have thought of. Devil worship - hmm strict interpretations - I wonder if I could sell a tour to the Red Sea to watch sea parting (I could dress up as Moses).

Cajoh said...

I don't think my parents let us go too far from home, so my bags never got all that full of candy.

Great spin! Thanks for sharing,

Pseudo said...

Love the doggie costumes.

Bill Lisleman said...

@cajoh - thanks for dropping a comment - well I suspect you maybe young than I and maybe the parent scare of Halloween became greater by the time you were out collecting your loot.

Bill Lisleman said...

@pseudonymous HS teacher - I agree there are fun maybe cute - but not sexy

Kirsty@Gone Bananas said...

LMAO at the school girl puppy costume! The Birds is a great halloween movie, unfortunately Meg is a little to young for it this year. Great Post!

Bill Lisleman said...

@kirsty - thanks for dropping by - you have a nice blog I'll be checking it out more in the future.

lisleman said...

@kirsty - thanks for dropping by - you have a nice blog I'll be checking it out more in the future.

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