Monday, October 26, 2009

No Open House for this sale

Here's a house that should sell even in this slow housing market.
For the right price you can live next door to President Obama's home (his Chicago home that is).
I wrote about his Chicago home this past summer on my other blog.


The house is listed $1.85 million which is a good price considering the neighborhood.  The current owners have owned it since 1973.
Well, I can quickly think of two reasons not to have any open house showings.
  1. The open house would be filled with more curiosity seekers than buyers.
  2. Security of the President and his family.
The story in the Chicago Tribune says the house needs substantial renovation.  When I last checked the Chicago Tribune page had a link to a few photos of the house.
It has beautiful woodwork inside but I must say the backyard looks awful.  I wonder if the sellers ever got to know the Obamas much. 
Here's the story from the Chicago Tribune site.

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Claudya Martinez said...

Will you buy it for me? I'll pay you back later.

Bill Lisleman said...

@unknown - oh sure did you say your real estate broker was Bernie M-something ?? As soon as I get the money from my friend Guido.

Lisa said...

Do you really think the Obamas will live there after the presidency. Or they'll move to New York like the Clintons.

Bill Lisleman said...

@ocean girl - that's a question that can wait awhile before answering. Maybe he'll be doing a second term so he might not leave the presidency until Jan. 2017. His family is very connected to Chicago so we'll be seeing him again.

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