Monday, September 21, 2009

Oktoberfest beer food fun


Above is a favorite shot I took at a Munich Oktoberfest my wife and I enjoyed. This was an ad on the back of these carts that you could rent. My German is very limited but I'm pretty sure it's for cold sore medication.

Munich Oktoberfest is now underway again. Here's a their web site (English version).

It's been a few years now since we were there. We only had one evening there and didn't know much about it other than it was popular. The experience there was fun and I certainly would have gone back another evening if our plans could have been changed.

The fair grounds are quite large and we didn't cover it all. The "tents" are really buildings that hold hundreds of people seated at these long tables. In the middle is a stage with a live band playing. The first one (tough deciding which one) we went into was surprisingly crowded and we found a seat just outside on the side (like a patio).

I don't know the history of calling them tents but they are build well enough that I would not mind spending the winter in one. It would be heavenly if the food and beer were supplied through the winter.

I found this funny clip of a DJ talking about beer and Oktoberfest with a brewmeister. A little past the 3:00 mark in the clip, he tries an interesting pick-up line with her. It's funny.

So over there you can find big beer tents

big liter size steins of beer






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OneStonedCrow said...

"cold sore medication" ... indeed ... :)

I'm impressed by the way some of those Madchens (mitt umlaut naturlich) can carry more than their weight in beer ...

Here's a link to some pics from this year's fest:

... the German community also has a two-day p*ss-up every year ... we call it 'Karnival'

... time to schunkel ...

OneStonedCrow said...

... sorry, I meant to say "The German community IN NAMIBIA ..."

Bill Lisleman said...

@onestonedcrow - yes I thought it was about a local event. Those pictures at the link are great. We never saw the parade. There's one picture of a madchen carrying 12 steins - amazing.

So this schunkel - new word for me. After some looking around I'm guessing it means to sway with others to some music. It's it a schunkel when you sway down the street after the fest?


Lisa said...

Germany is my favorite country and we had been there many times but I can't say we've bumped into an Octoberfest.

There was a fest one time in Rudesheim but I do not know if it was Octoberfest or Winefest. It always seemed festive in Germany and the group I was with always looking for dunkel beer.

Claudya Martinez said...

I want that pretzel and beer, NOW!

Kate M said...

Never been to the Oktoberfest. I HAVE TO go!

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