Sunday, August 23, 2009

sign sign everywhere a sign

Can't you read the sign?

Always good to find a diner sign!
We had good food and service here.

Other times I've noticed some strange signs. The wording in this 'warning sign' below seems too passive to me. Maybe they could shorten it to "Rattlesnakes Bite".

Some cause me to wonder the reasoning or meaning for the sign?

I stumbled onto this very interesting blog (OneStonedCrow) by a photographer in Namibia. Very interesting pictures and I suggest you give him a visit.

Back to the signs - I have no idea of the meaning of this sign from the OneStonedCrow's photo collection:

I'm a terrible speller but since I know that, I check my spelling. Here's another one from Africa. Someone didn't check their spelling on this one.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

"Three way divorce club??"
I'm intrigued...

OneStonedCrow said...

Haha ... yes, the 'Three Way Divorce Club' is the name of a shebeen or 'Cuca Shop' as they're known locally in Namibia.

Though the dictionary describes a shebeen as a place where liquor is sold illicitly, most of the Cuca shops have licenses - owning a Cuca shop is one way to make a living in a country with a high unemployment rate.

Many of these establishments have hilarious names and I have quite a few examples which I'll post sometime ...

Thanks for using those pics.

greetings from Namibia

Bill Lisleman said...

@maureen see onestonedcrow comment, but I'm still not sure why it would have such a strange name.

@onestonedcrow - thanks for explaining but not being at all familiar with Namibia I'm still a little confused why the strange name. Are they just guessing at some English name?

Barry said...

Fun and very funny signs. And interesting Namibia explanation.

And while it's not a sign, my word verification is "letrise".

After you....

Claudya Martinez said...

Okay, those where great. I got a good laugh. Thanks.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

The THREE WAY Divorce club one made my jaw drop. Seriously?
Thanks for stopping by today! Nice to meet you!

Bill Lisleman said...

@barry interesting word verification I don't even pay attention most of the time. thanks for the visit.

@unknown mami - thanks for stopping and enjoying the post

@green-eyed momster - I think the translation lost something when they tried English. But I'm just guessing. It's nice that you shared a comment thanks

OneStonedCrow said...


yes, lost in translation, you could say :)

... the 'Three Way Divorce Club' is in the bush ... it's a collection of huts where the local folk gather at night ...

I'll dig up a few more examples soon

OneStonedCrow said...

@Green-Eyed Momster - Thank You

@lisleman - I posted a few more Cuca Shop pics here ... also a better pic of the Three Way Divorce Club

Bill Lisleman said...

@onestonedcrow - thanks for the additional info and link

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