Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fly Me To The Moon

A favorite song covered by a favorite singer Diana Krall. If you missed my earlier post on Apollo 11 please take a look.

So 40 years ago this month much of the world got a view FROM the moon. The moon has been important to our life on earth. I recently read that the moon stabilizes the earth's orbit and without it some theorize that life on earth would have been cut short.

saturn V rockets

About six or seven years ago, I took my young grandson to Kennedy Space Center. We walked around the massive Saturn V rocket that was used in the Apollo program.

The size of this machine is hard to describe. They have a special building to display it and it is laying on its side. Here's more info on it.

At the business end of this beast are five F1 rocket engines. Just walking under these engines made the trip worthwhile. I stared up at these engines imagining the forces being created. Each one produced 1 and half MILLION pounds of thrust. That is definitely going to get you going quickly. Here's a picture I took.

Any of you actually witnessed a launch? I never have but would be interested in hearing your story.


alantru said...

I've seen Ms Krall perform twice. She is awesome.

lisleman said...

@alantru - lucky you - I have many of her 'standards'. thanks

Joanna Jenkins said...

Diana Krall is a favorite of mine. What a voice for such a young woman!

And oh how I would love to see the Shuttle launch! That would be so exciting!

lisleman said...

@JJ - another Diana Krall fan - maybe I should poll the readers. I just watched the shuttle on CNN but to actually be close enough to hear it would be cool.

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