Wednesday, April 22, 2009

great view and internet too

The internet is flying for me today.

I'm not talking about it's speed (but that's good too) but my speed. I'm going about 500 -to- 600 mph as I type this post.

Don't worry - I'm not driving - the pilots are doing a good job of that.

I'm just sitting here back in couch (window seat) watching the rockies below and some youtube clips up here. They have a good streaming audio setup here too (Rhapsody).

If you are wondering I'm on Alaska Air flying to Seattle from Chicago.

This sure makes the flight fly by. Now if I could get a larger seat for the same price - hey I can ask can't I?

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alantru said...

Absolutely you should!


Have a safe and enjoyable flight! Enjoy the YouTube!

lisleman said...

@alantru thanks
It's amazing how the internet is spreading. I'll be posting a bit more about this trip soon.

Lilly said...

Wow I am impressed. Larger seats on aircraft? Now you are asking for the impossible!

lisleman said...

@lilly thanks - it is impressing/amazing when you understand all the workings behind it. The Alaska Air system is satellite based.

better seats - three issues with that cost, weight, and space (not as many passengers)

If you are interested in more about this check out my other posts with the "airline" tag

LazyKing said...

lool, you must have enjoyed your flight.
PS: Thank you so much for visiting.

lisleman said...

@lazyking - thanks checking this - that was a good joke over on your blog. I'm getting ready to post a couple of pics from the flight. It was an enjoyable flight.

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