Tuesday, August 26, 2008

internet flyers common partner

Some (just a few I think) of the readers may recognize that box above. Of course the picture is small and not very detailed. I was just browsing around the AP Labs site, and noticed the picture.

Oh, if you don't know and are still wondering that's a picture (very small one) of the ATSU that was going to be used in the Verizon Airfone broadband project.

Well, it doesn't take a but a few minutes to discover (PR's support this fact too) that AP Labs is a common partner for Airfone (WAS a partner), Aircell, and Row 44. Their commercial aircraft and inflight entertainment business was grouped under AP Avionx.

You can check out more equipment pictures here.

I find this common source situation interesting but it happens in other industries too.

One other somewhat related item - the Gizmodo link in my earlier post has some additional posting/stories - one of them describes methods to get around the VOIP block. This doesn't surprise me because of the constant battle between hacks and security within internet technologies.

My opinion (this is a blog right?) is that passengers should just use non-verbal communications (IM, email) while on the plane. It's more private, probably works better (loud aircraft background noise) and is unlikely to bother anyone.

Also, on the ground cellphone users should try texting first while in public places before sharing their call with everyone around them.

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