Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aircell goes live

laptop on plane

You may have read the media reports already. I'm certainly not the first to report on it. Aircell opened their service up on American Airlines.

The above picture is from the report on Gizmodo. What is interesting about the picture is it shows one of the major obstacles in using this service -- room to use your laptop. The guy in the picture looks much thinner than me too. Most laptop users on aircraft have experienced the front seatback coming back and trying to avoid catching the screen on the seat. I don't know of any broken laptops from this but I wouldn't doubt it.

One other obstacle on these transcontinental flights is battery power. I have not used any, but I heard some airlines (maybe American ?) have passenger power outlets.

Here's an idea that would really help - a better seat design and layout. Check out the "Cozy Suite". I read that Delta will be getting them someday.

cozy suite

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