Saturday, March 08, 2008

looks like muskrat love

Warning - you might NOT want to watch this before you are about to eat. (at least if you are eating something other than muskrat)

I heard about this beauty pageant that was associated with muskrats. An odd combination, but the web site that describes a short documentary on this event also lists some pageants just as stranger or even stranger.

How about this list:
Miss Drumsticks

Miss Gilroy Garlic

Worm Gruntin’ Queen

Miss Penitentiary

Miss Hell Hole Swamp

Miss Rural Electrification

Miss Meat Pie

Shrimp and Petroleum Queen

From the above list, my top pick would be Miss Penitentiary. I imagine the runway is very short in the pen. Well if you bother to check it out, you'll find out it is in another country.

Well back to the muskrats and young ladies. Those young ladies with a skill of using a sharp knife on a muskrat - well - I imagine they could keep a guy in his place.

BTW - muskrat might taste better than the cheeseburgers in a can (previous post).

Here's at the link to the video site.


wkellyo said...

I didn't find this that disgusting. A little odd maybe, but not disgusting. C'mon, what guy wouldn't want a chick who could skin supper!

Bill Lisleman said...

oh I guess some city slicker might not find it appealing.
I've done rabbits and squirrels before I imagine these critters are similar.

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