Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lizard love

Lizard Dancing on youtube

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The lizard love nest

Lounge Lizard News
Talk about OLD mojo. A report from New Zealand says a 111 year old rare lizard recently mated. I'd say he is rare and a THRILLER - check out that clip.

From an article on Henry the 111 year old swinger:

Henry was caught in the act on Friday. It's the first time in his 35 years at the Southland Museum that he has made a move for the ladies.

"I hardly slept that night, I went home so darn excited - God Henry's done his stuff!" says Tuatara expert, Lindsay Hazley.

Another article on this.

BTW - Henry's mate ?? -- a 70 year old named Mildred. That's my mom's name. Strange being reminded of your mom by an odd story of lizard love.


Anonymous said...

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Bill Lisleman said...

Thanks - great thing about the internet is how international it is. Of course I don't use any non-english sites on a regular basis.

I checked out this one in deutschland (.de) but my german is so limited I didn't get much from it.

There is a interesting mix of languages in the use of uber-geek (I don't how to put the umlats? on the u).

Bill Lisleman said...

I used google's translator on that .de site.

"Pensioners have no time" is the title.

So I assume this is retired person that took up blogging.

hmm - I don't think I'm retired yet but then the definition of "retired" is changing - at least in the US anyway.

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