Friday, September 22, 2006

check your accounts

You may have a little extra in that direct deposit account today. Thanks Archie for the email that prompted me to look. I expect the pay stub with the details will be showing up in my mailbox soon.

Don't spend it all at once now!!

Of course every situation is different and I hope everyone enjoys the most of this. I starting to think it's an opportunity to start something that makes more money. BTW, since you guys might have some extra cash, anyone interested in buying some junk that's in my garage and basement?

Well this is good news to start the weekend off.


Bill Lisleman said...

i fortunately had a very busy weekend that started with a wedding celebration in the city and ended with a party out in the burbs.

Maybe everyone ran out to spend their money? i guess whatever the reason, no one found anytime for some comments up here.

So some of you have already collected the severance weeks ago.

well even if you don't anything to write please try to stop by Fuddruckers on Tuesday for a visit with the rest of us.

Bill Lisleman said...

well its call-in day for those with Tuesday call-ins. I happen to have a Wednesday date.

So tell us about your trip.

Bill Lisleman said...

maybe we should change "telco" to "traveling".
You seem to be one traveling princess.

telco princess said...

Maybe I could get a job with princess cruise?????

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