Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nowhere a great place?

Have you ever dreamed of living in the middle of nowhere? Away from all the craziness of suburbia or city life. A place where if you howled at the moon on a warm summer night no one would notice. (I imagine there are facilities that have moon howlers as permanent patients)

Now I’m not consider those of you who are hiding from the law. (just kidding I don’t think the readers here are criminal) Problems that require vanishing are a whole different category.

take it easy on your Santa

Years ago in moments of stressful work and/or family situations I occasionally considered escaping to the middle of nowhere. Splendid isolation. I'm no longer sure.

I’ve learned from news reports, my brother who spends months in the middle of nowhere, and driving through rural areas that are plenty of crazies out there too. (more crazies in our country than ever before? Social media just makes it appear that way. Now social media gives the crazies a more public voice and a way to organize.)

After pondering this nowhere location I’ve confused myself to the point of indecision. But I’m leaning toward somewhere with good libraries, live shows, donuts and safe walking paths. I’ll probably stay here.

On the subject of crazy (my mind just drifted - come on people keep up with your mind reading) - As an experiment someone hung $100 worth on $1 dollar bills from a tree that shaded a busy city sidewalk. Many people walked past and didn’t notice the dollar bills waving in the breeze. Now what is crazy is this took place in Chicago and nobody told me about it. I can always use some folding money. Enjoy the this clip showing the experiment.

I have become comfortably posted. How about you?

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