Thursday, November 30, 2017

Breaking out of the cloister bar

My retirement has resulted in more time being spent at home than in the past. This is not all bad of course. The longer low stress time allows me to wonder about a plethora of topics. To sound more interesting I will start saying that I’ve been cloistered in my quiet study at home.

But the world is not your cloister. The saying is the world is your oyster. I really dislike oysters. I never could get my head around eating raw stuff. Regardless of the shellfish, one should get out into the world.

Occasionally I do get out and about. Most recently, I journeyed from the Illinois prairie to South Carolina hoops-n-hollers (commonly known as hills and valleys). I hope you enjoy my recent discoveries as much as I enjoy sharing them.

Lego has included seniors

During the visit I discovered these interesting Lego characters in my grandkids' collection. I can only hope their Lego characters help them think of me.

I thought running was healthy

I spotted this worn out 5K runner in a nearby town around Halloween. Strange way to advertise for an upcoming 5K. That guy definitely has blown out his knees.

clever? NOT funny

I noticed this clever modification of the sign on this baby changing table. Now while I’ll admit it’s clever, I didn’t find it funny. Probably done by a young guy who thinks he’s clever but probably has not experienced becoming a father yet.

peaceful restful place at a rest stop

Two things helped improve my cross country road trip. Nice clean rest stops help. This relaxing waterfall was at a North Carolina rest stop. A second more recent addition to my travels is satellite radio. I rather listen to music than talk or commercials. On this last trip there was a Margaritaville channel. It was a temporary channel that offered me plenty of Jimmy Buffett that was new to me. Here’s one I liked.

Hey before the volcano blows leave me a comment.

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