Monday, October 30, 2017

tricks treats do you have them

Most of this post was written back in 2015 for Halloween that year. So excuse me if I recycle this post. Most of my thoughts are recycled.

We still enjoy Halloween in our neighbor. Luckily there are young kids around and a couple of our grandkids come by too. There was a period after our kids were becoming adults, the number of young trick-or-treaters noticeably dropped off. It seems the number is back on the rise again.

Of course, Halloween celebrating has changed over the years. If you would like to read/discuss the Halloween changes check out Pam's blog post - the link.

I dropped the old man in our porch chair for Halloween

In the paper (you know that thing you can read but comes from natural trees and doesn't need to be plugged in) today there was a story about Halloween in this one Chicago neighborhood where the local churches bus the kids in.  Homes can get a 1000 or more visitors. Too much traffic I think but it would be an event to see the street filled with costumed kids.

In the story the term "Halloween hater" was used. I guess they are out there but I don't understand why anyone would be a Halloween hater.  Yeah, you might not get into the spirit of spirits and costumes but a hater? I suspect anyone like that probably hates kids too.

Halloween should be fun and enjoyed.

Our youngest much more than a decade ago

The guy passing out candy in this youtube clip has much more patience than me. He does manage to scare a few kids. Funny - I think the oddest thing about the clip is a guy wearing a pumpkin on his head for that long.

There is something happening this weekend much scarier than the ghosts, skeletons, and political characters out on Halloween - Daylight savings change disaster arrives Sunday morning. Be prepared.


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