Monday, October 23, 2017

Have you heard

Whoa, oh, oh
No, no, no

Oh erase that. That’s a leftover from the tune of my last post.

Now what was I going to post? Oh yeah, cleaning and death. Intriguing combination don’t you think? Has me thinking of wearing clean underwear in case of a car accident.

too much stuff to leave behind

Recently I heard about this idea called Swedish Death Cleaning. I guess it’s a “thing”. Apparently not related to meatballs or IKEA.

It’s personal just like death. From the little I understand (my cleaning knowledge is extremely lacking) one could not hire a person to do this type cleaning for you. It does not involve morticians. I have minuscule cleaning motivation so this is a problem.

A simple idea but yet probably not easy to act on.

When you get old ...

Oh wait, excuse me while I interrupt this post.
I just thought of a great Halloween costume for young adults. Dress up as an old person because turning old is really scary! Just ask an old person.

When you get old, you should clean out your stuff (clutter is one of my wife’s favorite words) by thinking about your death and what you will leave for your lucky descendants to clean up. For example, I should toss my old collection of business cards given to me from vendor meetings. Change my mindset to the one who comes upon this collection and wonders why on earth did he save this.

While I make no big claims on anything other than maybe those extra fries you left on your plate, I do claim a small expertise with youtube surfing. I found a clip on this death cleaning thing.

One suggestion from the above clip is creating a box of things that matter only to you which you labeled toss out upon death. Now collecting those things in a box is good organizing but I suspect my kids might be very interested in that box’s contents. I would have been if my parents had left such a box. I’m putting a $100 bill in my box. Then I’ll leave a separate note saying that there was a $100 bill in that box. One more thought. I should write a note saying that if you find my mess of stuff to be a bit overwhelming, then recall your messy room as a teenager.

I got clutter, whoa-oh
I got troubles, whoa-oh
I got worries, whoa-oh
I got wounds to bind

Enjoy a few more whoa-ohs:

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