Monday, September 11, 2017

I tried taking a shower

I don’t know if it actually helped. It has helped in the past.

Singing in the shower - I’m skeptical of the idea.

I can't sing but I'm not blue

I do find showers relaxing and conducive to thinking. Often during my engineering career, I experienced beneficial critical thinking during a shower. I don’t know if it will help this post but at least I smell better now.

I’m not trying to be retro, but I do enjoy radio programs. My favorite is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I have mentioned this in past posts. It’s a NPR game show about recent news. Often I learn about odd/strange news. Don’t you feel like some lighter strange news is needed given all the tragic/frightening news we have had lately?

On the subject of smell, I found this story used in a recent show to be a truth-stranger-than-fiction example. It was about a British student and his first date with a lovely lady he met on tinder. The story has the elements of comedy; poop, failure to fix an embarrassing situation, getting stuck hanging upside down, rescue by the fire department. A window was destroyed so the student started a Go-Fund-Me campaign. With such a strange and funny story he exceeded his goal by 10 times. The extra is going to charity for toilets in developing countries and a firefighter charity. The story found on the Go-Fund-Me page is worth reading - link

Proof it really did happen, here’s the fire department write-up - link

My next bit of odd news comes from a Chicago radio program called Curious City. Again it is worth following the link. Until hearing this I didn’t know Chicago public schools required boys to swim in the nude for gym class. Apparently the nude swimming was common among schools across the nation from the 20’s through the 50’s. Some Chicago schools kept the practice into the 70’s. I thought the very public shower after gym class was embarrassing enough. My high school didn’t have a pool. Curious City story

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