Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The sign was a sign for me

Stairways offer a way to get above things. So do ladders and getting shot out of a cannon. While less adventurous than cannons, stairs will elevate you all the same. Oh, an elevator was not an option at this location.  Stairways also provide a bit of exercise. I've heard there are stair stepping exercise equipment but I would never be interested since we have stairs in our small home. (treadmills? we have a nice path - if the weather is bad then stay in and blog)

Standing tens of feet above sea level is an old lighthouse. It guards the Ponce de León inlet on the Florida coast. I had some time to kill (why do we kill time if we never have enough?) while others visited distant relatives. I decided to check out this old navigational technology.

Inside you’ll find a spiral stairway (total of 204 steps) that tapers on the way up. I enjoy the geometry of a spiral. There are landings at the windows. I believe they were at every other window. Also, at the windows were signs explaining historical trivia.

About halfway up I read this sign. Since I was not looking for or ready to take the stairway to heaven, I took this sign as a sign. I turned around and went back down.

Some men go crazy, some men go slow
Some men go just where they want
Some men never go

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