Tuesday, June 03, 2014

top 7 cartoons

(this post was inspired by a post at Thank You, Great Spirit.)

Do you think people would be interested in my top cartoon list? I don't have one but I could create one. People love lists. Why are people attracted to a list?
What is the Goldilocks list? Not too short and not too long.  Ever notice the highlights on magazine covers are presented as a list?  At business meetings a list goes by the business term, bullet points.

Even book titles often appeal to the list lovers. However, I heard “50 shades of Grey” was not about a list of 50 things. Ever notice how a popular list is around 10 or around 100? What makes 101 so special? Is it a throwback to the day you achieved counting past 100?

The Simpsons would be on my list but I'm not sure what position. Maybe cartoon characters instead of whole cartoons would be easier. I love tweety bird.


Oh how about a list of 13 things for people who are superstitious?

Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks. A tiger’s waiting to be tamed, singing. What the hell did Coldplay mean with these lyrics? Does Coldplay have a list of confused phrasing?

How about, I finish this post up now?

For those list lovers reading this please go back and count my questions. I don’t want to appear to list leaning but if requested I could talk with a lisp.

How many posts
must a man write down
before you call him a blogger
the answer my friend is blowin in your reply

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