Saturday, June 07, 2014

mayoral ideas

Don’t worry if elected I will still blog. Yeah, like you were worried about that.

No this blog is not getting political. I like my blog to be a political free zone. However, today most any action (buy a drink at Starbucks, drive a Ford pick-up) by most anyone can be spun up into a political thing. It’s getting too crazy. Instead of worrying about crazy I would rather laugh about it.

I don’t care for news being spun but I do like a pun.

The source of my ramblings today was an article in todays newspaper (someday in the future we will need to include a footnote explaining what a newspaper was). Can you believe someone has started an online campaign to get Kayne West to run for Chicago mayor. I don’t even want to give you the link to the site because I think it’s an awful idea (a little searching and you’ll find it).

I actually know very little about Kayne but it’s not really him that annoys me. It’s his wife. That Kim K-an would be the last person I want to hear about. If she were the city’s first lady we would certainly hear about her and her pets and who knows what. The current mayor is married but we don’t hear much of anything about his wife. I would need to look up her name.

Celebrities have certainly jumped into politics before. Reagan was an actor before his acting gig at the White House. I’m not a Californian, but they got pumped-up by Arnold the “Governator”. Even Clint Eastwood (I like him as an actor) was mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea for two-years.

Clint Eastwood shows what politics can do to a celebrity. He was seen on stage talking to an empty chair at one political event.

Kayne would not need to talk (rap?) to an empty chair, since he has his empty wife.


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