Sunday, June 01, 2014

birds of a feather, what the flock

Hanging out with the flock is good and educational but we need to explore too. Diversity has benefits too if you have an open mind. Different thoughts, ideas and views of this world can open your mind if you let it. Often those strange birds ruffle others feathers. If no one is being harmed or hurt what is the big deal?

I'm going to make my move

You can uncover plenty of diversity in blogland. I don’t care for all of it. I don’t understand much of it. I still click around and will even drop a comment on some of it.

I don’t believe progress was ever a smooth and gentle process. I abhor violence. Yet I can understand how some passionate people can go over the top in their protesting. Understand but not agree. I watched a rebroadcast of this eco-terrorism documentary the other day. It won an award in 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival.

 The destruction of private property by this group was wrong. Firebombing is not a solution for anyone’s cause. Fires become uncontrollable. Complete destruction of our environment is also wrong. There should be a balance between these extremes.

I find a large spectrum between the extremes. It’s unfortunate that rating seeking news media emphasized the extremes. We don’t need to do the bird thing. We can mix it up with other flocks and still progress.

To add a bit of diversity to this post, I offer you below, two links to completely unrelated posts that I read recently. Two bloggers that I discovered awhile ago, Anita and Jene, posted about love. Love - very different than firebombing and more effective. Too bad it doesn’t get noticed by as many people. Very touching words - check them out.

15 Minutes Can Form a Lifelong Bond

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