Thursday, May 22, 2014

kind of a frrrrag

An old fart like me might remember "Kind of a Drag" by The Buckinghams.  The song had nothing to do with drag racing but drag racing was very popular back then.  Funny cars, top fuelers, nitro - look it up kids.  

My brother and his friends got into drag racing. His friends got into the actual racing even more than him. He won a trophy with the first car he owned. If you don't know anything about racing, one thing you should know it's expensive among other things.

A couple of times my brother and his friends were nice enough to let me tag along to the drag strip (maybe our parents forced him, I don't know). The nearest drag strip was near the small town of Oswego.

(was that too long of an intro??) Well it's time for fragments as in Friday Fragments. You don't need to race your engine for Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments. The only fuel you need is fuel to post your fragments.

Twice this past week we went into the city. The first trip was on a school bus full of kids. Our granddaughter's class had a field day at the zoo. Funny expression "having a field day". We had a great time. I was reminded the hard way that riding at the back of a school bus is totally different experience for your lower back than the front of the bus.  For some reason my wife wanted me to stand next to this picture hanging in the ape house.

On the second trip I played tour guide for my older sister and her new daughter-in-law.  It was an easy tour guide gig since the new daughter-in-law (I always get confused about this stuff - she would be my niece-in-law?) had never been to Chicago.  So when I got my facts mixed-up she never noticed.  My driving got a little mixed-up at one point.  Before I had travel too far, I noticed I was going the wrong way on a one-way street, oops.  

We were very limited on time so it was mostly a driving tour.  Drove the lake front, parks, museums, with a little walking.  I took them to one of my favorite parks, Oz park.  We finished up having a great pizza down in the loop.

my wife took this shot - the thinking ape

Born under an Apple logo sign. Been online since I began to crawl. If it wasn’t for iTunes you know I wouldn’t hear any songs at all.  (do you think I could sell that tagline to Apple?).

Oh the Buckinghams had another hit titled
 "Don't You Care".
Leave a comment or don't you care?.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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